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    Hey guys, I'm fairly new to this community, and I'd like to make my first real post one of information and interest.

    For several months, I played a peavey grind NTB which I'd modded with a couple EMGs and a lovely EMG pramp for a nice hi-fi sound, but once my solo bass desire died a bit, I began doing more band work. I also started to utilize my music knowledge to do studio work for a few local artists at Virginia Beach's Daily Planet Studios, run by producer Mark Skipper ( Mark has recorded artists for years, and has worked with Meg Ryan, KISS, and Poison.

    Obviously, my newer ventures required a bass with a less soloist sound, but I've also never been one for traditional basses. I played a great many basses, and none had quite what I was looking for.

    Then, I heard about a budding luthier in my area (Tidewater, VA), John P. Winters. I spoke with him for a while, then took a risk in acquiring from him a bass he'd already built for himself. I went over to his house, we spoke for a while, I tried it, and fell in love with it almost instantly. Its body shape was original, the custom built preamp was versatile, and the standard dimizario pickups were placed in such a way that they accentuate the various features of each individual sound. The bass itself is seen below:


    I used it regularly, until one day I managed to bugger up the preamp on my own. JP was on Navy Deployment at the time, so I was unable to have him fix it-- i simply wired it passive and bypassed the preamp altogether.

    I then went to the studio and did some work for a local artist, Steve Coelho, who has since passed on. When I used my bass, Mark was astounded by the natural low-end and tone of the bass, particularly when either pickup was soloed in series (the parallel-series option was on my bass). We took several runs of multiple songs, and I received a great deal of compliments about both my bass and my playing. A soundclip of one product is below.

    I then came to college-- The College of William and Mary-- and began doing basswork here. I joined a band (Ultraviolet Ballet-- and started gigging regularly-- again, receiving compliments on the look of my bass from people in the audience and from other bassists, as well as sound compliments from the various sound techs at our shows. I was recruited by a few students in the composition class to bass for their pieces, and again received compliments on my bass' unique look and sound.


    When JP returned, I visited and in 3 hours, he'd patched up my damage to the preamp (which, admittedly, had consisted of me being a bit too careless at first and buggering up the wiring when replacing a battery), replaced the wiring with higher quality stuff, and replaced all my knobs, because I wanted a different look. This was all done entirely free of charge, as part of his warranty.

    I highly reccomend anyone looking for a unique custom to look into Winter's Customs-- I plan to order my second as soon as my student budget allows it-- and I'd also be happy to let anyone in the area try it out if they're willing to meet me at a music store or something along those lines. I can also answer any questions anyone may have about the company or about my bass in general.

    Some soundclips may be found on this page:

    The song "Long Time no See" was done with four tracks of that bass (affectionately dubbed "The Scarab") and one of my peavey. Both basses were recorded through a BBE sonic Maximizer and Edirol UA-25 with no modifications except their own preamps and a slight bit of mixing (obviously) in Fruity Loops.

    The song "Back to New York City" was done at Daily Planet studios through a passive Radial direct box and then straight to the board. That is the raw drum and bass version, no alterations save minor compression and mixing.


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