Newest Amp Technology?

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    Apr 14, 2001
    Hey all -

    Are there any new concepts in amps lately? Maybe pedalboard amps? IDK. I’m looking for maybe getting a new set up, but I don’t see anything. Maybe I’m missing out on what’s being rolled out.
    What is new out there worth considering in general.

    So many conditions though for me personally, so if you want to give me specific recommendations, read below.

    I like clean tone. I like modularity. Lighter weight is preferable but not mandatory. So a tube head is possible, but not a refrigerator cabinet.

    I play in multiple bands. One is a metal tribute band, but we all go through the PA/IEMs. I love that!!! But not every band does it.

    I also do regular party/bar rock covers (80s-2000s), and some power pop/post punk stuff with a third band. I’m available to several others as a fill in and will do that for several gigs each year.

    My current rigs -
    1971 Ampeg B15S. Just enough power for medium rooms. Any bigger and there is PA support anyway. It is nice to roll in with that, as long as the band doesn’t get too loud because it does break up very nicely, but that’s not always what I want. It’s mainly for recording to get a one DI + one Mic’ed channel set up. If I do take it out, I have to borrow my wife’s SUV to fit it.

    EPIFANI Piccolo 600 on 2 x 110s. This is probably my go-to for most gigs. Easy light load in, modular so it fits in my trunk no probs. One of the cabs may be getting rough when pushed and I need to work that out. It’s a great set up, just enough power, but not really colorful.

    Verellen Meatsmoke Hybrid 1400w and 212.
    This was going to be my main set up. I wanted to get a matched 212 (900w) so I could stack them up when needed. However, the cabs are like hens’ teeth now since he is out of business. It’s not too heavy and is plenty powerful.
  2. You cover a bunch of ground from B15 to Meatsmoke Hybrid with the Epifani sitting nice in the middle!

    What you don't have is a pedalboard situation that could be handy for some...
    200 watts, very small from a Bass company!

    I have not played it, but have heard others who have and liked what it has to offer in this size and expectations of performance.
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    The Newt is for the thin-string crowd: the Ant is for us bass players.
    The Ant – Ashdown Engineering (