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Next Effect Help

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by ImNotGeddyLee, Mar 13, 2001.

  1. I am trying to piece together a full pedal board but need some help finishing it up. I have a crybaby wah, boss overdrive, phase 90, boss chorus, and am still using my zoom 506 for tuning/volume/pitch/delay/and flange. What should I get next? I like using flange and the zoom one isnt too great but I cant find a good one to use for bass. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good flange or what I should get next?
  2. welcome geddy, oh wait your not geddy.
    how much cash are you looking to spend?
    i like the ehx stuff

    both bassballs and the microbass synth are cool.
    realy depends on the music.
    there page has sound samples so you can hear them.
  3. i play everything from jazz to funk to metal... have heard much good about the bassballs and am interested but HATE the sound clips but then again sound clips never give an effect justice... i am in the range of up to 150 bucks or so might be able to go higher if its worth it
  4. i second the bassballs. its a great effect. i still haven't gotten around to getting one for myself, but its a great effect IMO.
  5. Moonraker


    Mar 7, 2001
    Have you tried the Boss bf 2 flanger? ,I want to get this pedal. I also have the 506 zoom and some of the effects are not that good. Especially if your going to be playing live gigs I suppose it is better to get quality single pedals.
  6. camerondye


    Nov 7, 2000
    You already have a wah pedal and seem like you are keeping it, so I wouldn't get a bassballs because it is similar to an auto-wah kind of effect. If you want to check reviews on some flangers, go to www.harmonycentral.com and go to effects and then user reviews. You will find tons of reviews on tons of different effects sent in by the people who own them. I just got the Akai SB-1 Deep Impact Synth Bass pedal, it was $200 bucks, but it also is a pretty good pedal. Another good pedal for bass is an octave pedal, the Boss OC-2, and the EBS Octabass are the two big ones. The OC-2 is much cheaper and works really well for bass. The EBS is cool also, but is more than double the price....you can also find OC-2's used for about $40. You can also look into a pedal that more affects your sound than changes your sound like an EQ pedal, Compressor pedal, or something along those lines. I use the Trace Elliot EQ pedal and the Trace Compressor pedal and love them, but when Gibson bought TE, they dropped the pedal line. You can find them used like I did though. Also if you are in to buying used, look at www.harmonycentral.com, then effects then classified ads. You will find a ton of people selling different effects everyday. Hope this helped.
  7. anyone else know if the boss bf2 flanger is any good for bass... also what about the mxr flanger?
  8. 6-stringer

    6-stringer Guest

    Feb 5, 2000
    DOD made a "bass flanger" for a while. They run around $40-50 used. The MXR flange is a fairly sought after pedal for bass, it sounds excellent,
    and does not drain your lows at all. If the boss bf2
    is the one I'm thinking of,(the pink one?), it does a decent job too. If your into modulation effects, give the Line 6 mod. modeler a try. It mimicks any vintage modultation pedal you can think of.
  9. I got the boss bf-2 flanger used for 40 bucks... sounds nice. thanx for all the help
  10. cant go wrong with the bassballs. mixed with distortion and a touch of chorus is very very cool.
  11. in all seriousness, if you are going to go with stomp boxes, make sure the last thing in the chain is a noise gate, and don't spare the pocketbook. With all those items lined up like that, you are very likely to get a lot of noise that will just tick you off between songs, which a good gate can kill for you. Have you checked out the Bass POD? a very cool multi-effect in the rack-mount version with the pedalboard-although not overly cheap here in Canada. I use ONLY the Trace Dual Compressor-my guitarists both contibute enough stuff to the tunes, and my bass has enough EQ versatility to keep things interesting- but then I'm an old geezer.
  12. rockthistown


    Jan 8, 2001
    I can tell you this...I have used many flangers like the boss or mxr... I do realy like the boss one. but then i tried the danelectro hash browns flanger and love it for bass and it costs around 20 or 30 bucks. It does not have many sounds but what it does it does well. I also use the danelectro daddy o overdrive and it works great for bass too
  13. I was thinking about adding a Noise Gate orignally because i was getting a lot of hum and yes it was pissing me off. I removed the Zoom 506 i never use though and now i get NO BACKGROUND NOISE and am very very happy i didnt need to pay the extra cash

    BTW my complete setup now is (linked in this way):
    Bag End 4x10 - GK 800 - Boss Bass Chorus - Boss Flanger - Boss Bass Overdrive - Mxr Phase 90 - Dunlop Bass Wah (the white one) - Ampeg Big Stud 4 string fretted or Cort Five String Fretless.

    i love the setup and will probably keep adding onto it, EQ, compression/limiter, and because i sod my zoom i am going to need to get a new floor or rack tuner. Oh and I am also looking for a decent 2x8 and a tweeter to bi-amp my GK 800.

    Also, does anyone have any better suggestions on ways to set these up then what i already have above.
    Thanks for everyones help, Chris

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