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NFL Offseason 2018

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by MJ5150, Feb 15, 2018.

  1. MJ5150

    MJ5150 Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Apr 12, 2001
    Olympia, WA
    As suggested by @Gaolee just this week, perhaps it is time to move to a new offseason thread. Here we have it.

    What better way to kick it off than to discuss the exciting news that AJ McCarron is now a UFA after he got an arbiter to rule in his favor in the grievance he filed with the NFL.
    Like many of these other jokers, he would like us to believe this is not about the money at all. He just wants to play and really loves the game.
    Anyone else as excited about this as AJ?

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  2. twelvetrombones

    twelvetrombones Martian Ambassador Gold Supporting Member

    Aug 25, 2017
    Portland, OR
    You might as well. Someone is going to throw money at him, he may as well take it.
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  3. mrpackerguy

    mrpackerguy Supporting Member

    Jul 3, 2004
    Madison, Wisconsin
    Thanks Mike
  4. Funky Ghost

    Funky Ghost Translucently Groovy

    I think there is a fair to midling (sic) chance that Sammy Watkins ends up in a Titans uniform. I think we should let Decker walk and keep Matthews. Matthews has had a great rapport with Mariota and has a knack for getting 3rd downs converted.

    They need to let DeMarco Murray walk.

    I'd love for the Titans to at least kick the wheels of DeMarcus Lawrence ( probably getting the franchise tag ) and Sheldon Richardson. The Titans need an edge rusher. Trying out another body at CB either through the draft or free agency would be nice too. Getting a T.E. of the future will begin to loom in the next few years as well.

    I'd love it if the Titans end up with Boston College's Harold Landry in the 1st round.
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  5. Gaolee

    Gaolee Official leathers tester and crash dummy

    AJ who?

    That's all I have to say on the matter.

    I keep thinking that the Seahawks need a good round of retirements. Chancellor really should retire for his own good. I suspect Averill will retire. Bennett won't, but probably doesn't need to. Sherman might be well advised to consider it. A popped tendon like he had is a warning shot that his body doesn't have much more top level football in it. Get out now before you are a permanent cripple.

    The only ones who seem near indestructible are Baldwin, Bennett, and Wilson. That could change any time. Carroll cleaned house when he arrived. I wonder whether he will clean house now that the core is aging and losing effectiveness, or if he will be loyal to the guys he brought in long enough that they fall apart. Those guys have expiration dates, and those expiration dates are close at hand.

    I haven't thought about the draft. The Browns will take a quarterback. That's about as far as I have thought about it at all.
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2018
  6. Gaolee

    Gaolee Official leathers tester and crash dummy

    By the way, thanks for starting this thread. I'm about gloated out over Brady's dropped pass. Thinking about the Seahawks bloated payroll and aging team is a good change (believe it or not). I just flat don't see the Seahawks competing for Super Bowls for a few years.
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  7. Low84

    Low84 Supporting Member

    Mar 30, 2014
    Good to see another Titans fan on here, Ghost!

    Murray sounds like he's as good as gone. He served his purpose... but even he has to know how this will unfold.

    Decker was such a letdown this year... ugh.

    Would love to see us pick up a new TE in free agency.

    Landry would be a great grab. Our pass rush was decent this year... and with the reason coaching overhaul, I bet our entire D turns stout over the next couple of years. Here's hoping we tune up our secondary... and soon!

    TITAN UP! :cool:
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  8. MJ5150

    MJ5150 Moderator Staff Member Supporting Member

    Apr 12, 2001
    Olympia, WA
    If y'all want a TE, Jimmy Graham will be available according to some reports.

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  9. McCarron has been mentioned more than once in speculation on Broncos radio. The boys in Denver are in quite a twitter about the QB position, which makes sense for a franchise that has made its bones for the last 30 years from outstanding QB play.

    Denver needs help on the offensive line to keep any QB upright. In order to afford that, they can't sign Cousins, and the Jets are throwing their chest out and talking ridiculous numbers and guaranteed contracts. That would add up to them once again screwing up their future by over-committing to one player.

    I'd like to see the Broncos go after a Keenum, Taylor or McCarron type, and draft a QB in the second round. That would give them a decent quality QB to bridge a few years at an affordable price while they build the offensive line, and have a QB in development (which has not been their strength recently) as the next generation.
  10. Funky Ghost

    Funky Ghost Translucently Groovy

    Jimmy Graham is the Eli Manning of T.E.'s. Mediocrity exemplified. Without the rings and the MVP award of course.

    Meanwhile, I think the Titans overpaid Succop. I dig the guy. He's the salt of the earth, but he's a tad over 50% from 50 and missed 2 extra points last year alone. Not the kind of guy you sport that kinda money to usually. I would have favored a try for Chandler Cantanzaro. Consistency is what you want in your kicker. He was the model of it. Ah well, the point is moot now.
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2018
  11. D M C

    D M C Oh good god, this again? Supporting Member

    Feb 19, 2015
    North America, Earth
    On the threshold of a verge on the brink.
    Hue likes McCarron since he coached him when he was in Cincy, which means he probably won’t go to Cleveland. If the Browns don’t take McCarron in FA, then I think they may go back to McCown to start and tutor Darnold and Kizer until he goes on IR.
  12. toowrongfoo


    Nov 25, 2017
    I was just thinking about how much I wish it was football season.

    I'll leave you with this:

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  13. Low84

    Low84 Supporting Member

    Mar 30, 2014
    I'm ready for the wheels to fall off in Carolina. It's gonna happen.

    1. The team's been overhyped for several seasons.
    2. Cam's a head case, a locker room cancer and a poor passer.
    3. Rivera is overrated.
    4. I just don't see Norv Turner and his family members being able to get things together.
    5. The sale of the team and possible move will be a major distraction for all involved.

    Have fun, Panther fans.
  14. toowrongfoo


    Nov 25, 2017
    Regardless, best division in football followed by NFC west.

    I love the off season. I love the draft. Hate the lame'os that cover it (other than Mike Mayock) but love to get to know the players coming in.
  15. toowrongfoo


    Nov 25, 2017
    I'm not quite sold on him. Don't get me wrong, ROLL TIDE is my college team, but just not sure if. God I hope he doesn't go to Cleveland :(
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  16. toowrongfoo


    Nov 25, 2017
    That's my surrogate team. (lived in Nashville quite some time, was there when they "almost" made it)

    But friends, I think Sammy Watkins is VASTLY over-rated. And I don't agree about DM, I think he's got quite a bit of juice in the tank. Henry is one of my boi's, but ffs, he's not "quite" ready to be prime-time.

    I'm pissed about Mike Mularkey. WAY too short a leash imnsho.
  17. Funky Ghost

    Funky Ghost Translucently Groovy

    Henry proved he was the better back all last season. The yards per carry were not even in the same ball park. Add in the 3rd down effectiveness of Henry and he is already doing it in prime time. It's just that Mularkey reverted to form. He played a sentimental favorite instead of the on field producer. He is a wonderful players coach, and a mediocre, at best, head coach of a franchise. His numbers ( read: past history ) bear this out. I'm glad they cut bait with him personally. I like him, but not as the head coach of a team I follow.

    Watkins wasn't the number 1 the Bucks hoped for, but then who was throwing him the ball and doing the play calling? All Watkins has done is post career 15+ yards per catch and was the 4th best at catching balls thrown in tight windows last season. I'd take that. The yards per catch alone would be better than any other WR on the Titans roster in the last 3 years. Vastly over-rated sounds vastly over exaggerated :) Plus, he's a former 1st round WR who is only 24.
  18. Gaolee

    Gaolee Official leathers tester and crash dummy

    Y'know, Cleveland has just about enough draft picks this season to replace their whole team. If they don't screw it up, they could have quite the pile of building blocks for the future. They have so many draft picks that even if they screw up half of 'em, they could have a good foundation to build on. It would be a pleasant change to see the Browns competitive.
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  19. Low84

    Low84 Supporting Member

    Mar 30, 2014
    Agree with Ghost on Mularkey -- nice guy, players and ownership like him... but he doesn't have what it takes to take a team to the next level. Yeah, I'm sure there are folks who will look at the Titans winning records the last two years, drop their jaws, point their palms to the sky and whine... but I don't see the use in keeping him around, especially with him telling GM and ownership he was satisfied with his staff and would come back in '18 with the same plan. Our offense should've been operating on a whole 'nuther level, especially with Mariota in his third year. I'm thrilled Mularkey's gone. Last month's announcement on Mularkey was one of the best days for Titans fans!

    Now... we need to pick up a solid backup QB in free agency. Mariota's as tough as paper mache and we'll more than likely need a backup who can keep the train rolling.
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  20. Funky Ghost

    Funky Ghost Translucently Groovy

    I completely agree. Cassel is NOT a good back up plan. For me, I would much rather the mighty mighty Fitzbeard than Cassel. He's a decent back up even at his age and has familiarity with the organization.

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