NFL Week #20 Conference Championships

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  1. mrpackerguy

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    Jul 3, 2004
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    I'll take

  2. Hopkins

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    Nov 17, 2010
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    I'm taking Seattle and Denver as well, both should be good games. I fully expect to see Tom Brady and Bill Belichick storm off the field without doing interviews when they loose.
  3. Jeff K

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    Jul 9, 2005
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    Niners & Patriots. I know it makes no sense to take both road teams, but I just have a feeling...
  4. fisticuffs


    May 3, 2011
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    I'm thinking 9ers, Pats.

    No horse in this race. If I had to pick someone I want to see get a ring it would be Russell Wilson or Montee Ball. We keep it Sconnie whenever possible. I really can't stand Pete Carrol though.
  5. Selta


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    Well, the 49ers have won more recently (week 14). That's a hard pick. I wish both teams could lose to be honest... USA Today nailed it:
    "Unless you’re a fan of either franchise, it’ll be tough to root for either team. Do you favor the talented, mouthy, chippy NFC West team with an efficient offense, monster defense and stereotypically obnoxious fanbase? Or do you go the other way and root for the other talented, mouthy, chippy NFC West team with an efficient offense, monster defense and stereotypically obnoxious fanbase?"
    Seattle is finally stablaized in terms of injuries... SF hasn't really had much of a problem with injuries yet. If SF can shutdown Lynch though, I don't see Seattle having much of a chance. And I don't think I can feel good rooting for the most penalized team in the NFL. I'll say 49ers, by a field goal.

    NE / DEN? I'm going to go with the Pats. I think Denver will offer a few interesting plays, both offensive and defensive, but I just can't see them carrying through on the win. Pats by 7.
  6. Passinwind

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    I'd love to see yet another conflicted SB as far as my rooting interests, but regardless of that, I think these two will be the last standing. Won't be surprised if Hawk-49'ers comes down to a defensive score being the margin.
  7. tangentmusic

    tangentmusic A figment of our exaggeration

    Aug 17, 2007
    +1. Broncs & 'Hawks
  8. Hawks--dat stadium, doze fans, yikes...

    I hate to say it. Pats just too damn good/lucky/clever, etc. etc. etc.

    Despite Denver controlling the game for the most part, you see what happened when the Chargers opened it up and took some shots toward the end. If time hadn't expired, who knows how that would have ended.

    If NE gets behind, I fully expect them to adjust, and, again, who knows what will happen (well, we know what happened in the regular season ;)). That game plan for the Colts was just plain scary brilliant. That's not to say I expect them to repeat it against Denver, but it shows how well -coached and -planned they are. And they are able to do this almost at the drop of a hat and change the course of a game.

    Still rooting for Denver though. They're pretty healthy, especially the receiving squad, and Moreno and BALL getting it done on the ground. Lots of third-down conversions. D-secondary looked pretty sharp as well. Brady's going to have to play his best game of the year.

    EDIT: Looks like Denver cornerback Harris is out with a torn ACL. Not good. Rivers targeted replacement Jammer to stage that comeback. At least Denver has a week to adjust.
  9. tangentmusic

    tangentmusic A figment of our exaggeration

    Aug 17, 2007
    I know... Pats always seem to have the Bronco's number.
    Great coach. and Brady?... 'nuf said
    This game is the most nerve racking one of the year.
    Hope Denver pulls it out. Then SF or SEA in the SB... Yikes.. the nerves...
  10. If Denver wins, I would all but guarantee those two will storm off the field with sore-loser pusses on their respective faces. I don't think they are going to lose though.

    Oh, and Seattle.
  11. man....Seattle/San Fran is going to be a GREAT game. Can't wait. I don't really see any outcome but a Seattle victory, thought I wouldn't be entirely suprised if the 9ers won.

    Den/Pats...unfortunately I don't get CBS so I've missed a ton of AFC ball. So I can't really call it...though I would probably take Belicheck/Brady over Fox/Manning

    Hows about that....4 rivals of my Raiders on championship weekend. And I'm not even upset. We must REEEEALLY suck :D
  12. I'm hoping for a Seahawks win, but after seeing the 49ers defense Sunday against the Panthers ... I'm not sure, but it will be a game indeed! Fingers crossed!
  13. Gaolee

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    The Niners make me nervous, but so did the Saints. It will be a good game, and I will be happy if Jim Harbaugh gets sent off for being a jackass. It won't happen, so he has to lose. Period.

    I couldn't care less what happens in the AFC. I don't like the Patriots and I don't like the Broncos.
  14. Passinwind

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  15. I did not. Pathetic regardless of who's doing it!
  16. Selta


    Feb 6, 2002
    Pacific Northwet
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    It's pretty much standard practice for playoff tickets for almost all teams. The secondary market is strong - there's some 6,000 tickets available for the NFC game on various places. If 49er fans want to go, they can. It's lame, I agree.
  17. Patriots will use the Blount instrument on the Denver D and run to a win and a berth in the SB, where they'll apply Blount force trauma to either SF or Seattle (I don't care who wins in the NFC). Bill B will come up with a scheme to neutralize Manning, and Jamie Collins will have another breakout game like he did against the Colts.
  18. There was a whole segment on local talk sports radio about how ticket sales/resales/manipulation has altered the dynamics of fan bases all around the league. There's such a huge profit margin during the post season, it's a real racket and un-centered for true fans.

    Moneygrabbers be everywhere.
  19. If NE can do it twice in the playoffs, against two good teams, when they hardly did it at all in the regular season, I will be simply amazed. And I will root for NE in the Super Bowl.

    But just like San Diego winning at Mile High, lightning rarely strikes twice in the NFL. ;)