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  1. Hello all!

    so my roommate brought home NHL 06 for the xbox, and it is one of the coolest hockey games i have ever played! i only have one question...what is the key to fighting? I know how to start them, but when it comes to the actualy fighting, i don't know what to do, i just mash buttons and sometimes i'll win, sometimes i'll lose...

    does anyone know what are the correct buttons to push?
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    Read the directions?
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    thread should be closed now.

    perfect advice.
  4. yes...thank you for that...its not in the instructions...thats why i asked on here.
  5. I prefer the 2K series(better gameplay and the goalies don't let in the same goal time after time like the the EA games when you learn how to score on them).

    If you don't have instructions, I think would be the green and red buttons, for high and low punch. The analog stick would be for blocking I believe, so if you push it up, it blocks high, down it blocks low. Not sure but thats how I remember fighting in the recent EA games.
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