Nice 1x15 Combo Amp, 2 months old!

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  1. Hungoloid


    Jan 22, 2001
    Hey folks...

    I bought a brand new Peavey 1x15 Combo Amp, and I need to sell it to get a car before I leave for college. Truthfully, I am dreading it, because this amp is real nice. I play a dominant role in a 5 piece band and this great piece of equipment has kept up with me against 2 guitar players a drummer and percussionist very well. Here are the details:

    1x15 Black Widow Sheffield Speaker (The New Heavy Duty good quality stuff)

    160 watts, bi-amped can handle up to 300-350w.

    7 Band Equalizer (built in...sweet)

    High Input and Low Input

    Bright/Punch/Contour Buttons

    Low/High and Master volume Knobs ranging from -15 to +15

    Cross over Frequency Knob

    Low/High Outputs

    preamp input, poweramp output

    + and - grounding switch

    and a rich built-in bass chorus effect with rate/depth knobs

    I am also throwing in a footswitch for the chorus effect

    It's hard for me to part with this equipment, so i am looking for someone to take good care of it. I have played two gigs with it, and practiced very little. It has some great sound and volume and the Equalizer makes your tone totally customizable. I have never played with the volume past 7, or the lows/highs past 8ish. There are only a few marks on the corner metal plates, other than that it is in totally prime condition. The retail price for it was over $625, and the footswitch was $30... and I am really hoping to get at least $500 for the whole setup.

    It's definitely a great amp to have as an intermediate player who is beginning to explore new sounds and a great amount of playing power at a gig. In fact, any bass player would be happy owning and playing this little rig. I am the original owner...If anyone has any questions or if you are interested in buying, please do not hesitate to email me...


    The Hungoloid

    PS - I also have two basses I am considering selling (an Ibanez soundgear GSR200, and a great Fender Precision bass).