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"Nice fender! he said. "Thanks!" I replied....

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by Octave Doctor, Jan 10, 2004.

  1. "Nice fender! he said. "Thanks!" I replied. "Its a MIA precision I picked up when I was over in the US last summer. "Very nice" he replied “did you get a fretstone?”

    I paused for a moment stalling for time, what on earth was a fretstone I asked my self? I had heard of it but I wasn’t ready to stake my reputation on a bluf only to be found out a fraud.

    Was it like a Philosophers stone, make me live longer, play faster, be more attractive to women? Is it what you found inside of the freeboard, crack it open, plant it in moist soil and leave it in the sun - in a few weeks a machine head would sprout tentatively from the soil. I had no option but to post the question on the TalkBass Setup forum and wait for a reply.
  2. -CUT!-

    Go back to line 6 - it's F-R-E-T-B-O-A-R-D not F-R-E-E-B-O-A-R-D!

    OK people let's try it again...This time with some EMOTION!!


    (Just going along with the dramatic tone you've set here Doc:))

    Man, I'm assuming it's a fret leveling stone but why in the world would he expect you to get one with a new Fender from the States?! I don't see them used much (in fact NEVER) because there a so many better ways to level frets these days. Mostly it's done with carbide grit sandpapers or specialty files. Everybody has their own technique and I guess there's somebody out there using a honing stone but I haven't heard of one.
  3. The Moderator was right. I tried to think of a smart comeback but it wasn't to be. I wanted to blame my wife who was ready to leave the house, impatient to get to town, but that would be a lie. Could I put it down to a simple typo, the impatience of youth, the mistakes of a tired mind or just the fragility of human kind blinded by this dazzling technological utopia we call the internet?

    "Thanks" I replied sheepishly " I felt foolish but I had the answer I was looking for. I had wondered if it was a way to make the the neck slicker, the remove the speed bumps, but a fretstone seemed to be a way to fix imperfections rather than a way to mend something that wasn't broke - either way it wasn’t for me.

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