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Nice parts, some new some used. Fender, Neutrik, Switchcraft,

Discussion in 'For Sale: Strings and Accessories' started by jakelly, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. jakelly


    Nov 8, 2009

    Genuine Fender vintage style bridge w/ threaded saddles, near new, very little use. $18 shipped to 48 states. SOLD!



    Neutrik NL4FX Speakon connector and socket, unused. $6.00 shipped to the 48 states SOLD!


    Allparts Switchcraft 152 long threaded jack. It has 3 terminals and I think it can be wired stereo or mono. New in package. $10 shipped to 48 states SOLD!
  2. dcr

    dcr Supporting Member

    I'll take the Neutriks and the Switchcraft jack.

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  4. dcr

    dcr Supporting Member

    Well, crap! Forgot to send payment for Neutrik and Switchcraft. Payment on the way!

    My apologies!

  5. dcr

    dcr Supporting Member

    And.....PAYMENT SENT for the Neutrik and Switchcraft part.