Nice soft pedalboard bag?

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by mikkejohansson, Feb 19, 2004.

  1. Looking for a softcase/bag to fit my soon-to-be-finished (i hope) pedalboard. Still haven't really decided on measuerements for it but 45x35cm is a likely size.

    Any suggestions? I've been lokking at laptop-cases and other equipment cases, my reqeuests are that it;

    a) opens full up on (at least) three sides of the bag, with zipper.

    b) has a sturdy shoulder strap.

    c) can accomodate at least 10cm of height, preferrably more.

    d) has SOME padding inside, to protect the pedals.'d also be great if it had some sort of velcro safetystraps inside, but i could probably make thise myself.

    Now - bring it on! :)
  2. I use keyboard bags because they are cheap, available and generally a good size. Most have an adequate shoulder strap and enough height to fit most pedals. The only thing I can think of in the size you describe would be a brief or tool case.