nice Thomson Kneeland vid

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    Thomson Kneeland is one of the best bassists on Youtube, I love his playing! Check out his solo in 5/4 on the link, he has such a great, rhythmic way of phrasing that is really cool.
    ~Thanks for sharing the video.
  3. Hey, guys, I haven't been on Talkbass in a long time, and came across this thread....thanks for the recommendation! I'm in the process of making some more videos, and probably taking some of the older ones down that seem out of date to me now playingwise....thankfully all of us can keep working towards our artistic goals/sound! These videos are great for me to do to challenge myself and learn, so it's even better that other people can share in that process as well. Glad someone's listening out there!
  4. Serious.
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    Serious, yes. Beyond serious, just plain beautiful.