SOLD Night Owl Industries Edison Preamp

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    Up for sale is my Night Owl Industries Edison Preamp. It is in mint condition and includes the manual and box. $175 shipped. I accept Venmo or PayPal.

    The Edison adds tube warmth to any signal chain. This pedal would be staying but I just don’t have the real estate.

    PM with any questions.

    Thanks for looking!

    10FF0E9A-FFE0-4123-9D91-DE0EFB43A5EE.jpeg FC786772-12D4-4E78-AF37-EA42F0700E47.jpeg 4EBF74E1-4809-415B-939D-F3327C0B2AC3.jpeg EEE03297-555E-4136-B5FA-6141430A6FDB.jpeg 5B7D5704-1DC3-4B13-82A5-17AF1506E340.jpeg 6A8FDA53-675A-40B0-AECE-3D8E39CE6394.jpeg
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    Shoot. I missed it.