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"Nightingale" bass restoration completed

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Brew, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. Brew


    Sep 25, 2007
    Hampshire, England
    I picked up my bass on Saturday. It's a Nightingale - from about 1989/90

    It has been completely restored by the great Bernie Goodfellow of GB guitars, here in Brighton, England. You might spot a distinct resemblence between this and the GB "Rumour".... that's no coincidence - because Bernie designd and built Nightingale basses. In effect - I got myself a "Rumour"!!





    Really happy with the result... will post soundclips, if i can manage to record any....

    It's Rosewood and Maple with a Cocobolo fretboard... the pickups are the original Nightingale soapbar humbuckers, but with GB Guitars' latest design onboard active electronics. The gold plated hardware is Schaller...and the overall final product is tremendous!


    thanks again Bernie!
  2. Cutty


    Jun 25, 2006
    Looks good!!enjoy it now you have it in 100% condition.
  3. Very nice! :D I bet it sounds awesome, with Bernie's new circuit.

    Looks like one of the later Nightingales - they had a slightly different body and headstock shape to the old ones, and a different headstock logo (the old ones had a yin/yang logo with a bird's face in the middle, and the newer ones just said "Nightingale").

    Did Bernie tell you anything about what might have become of Neil McDonald (Nightingale's main man and Bernie's former business partner)? Seems he's slipped off the radar since he left his shop in Denmank St.
  4. Guys! Help me!! I´ve just joined this site having purchased a Nightingale bass off ebay! I love it but dont know anything about these fellas! :rollno: I was searching for some info from the net and came across this website so thought I´d better join! :hyper:
    If anyone reads this and has any info then please, it will be greatly appreciated!! I´ll get a couple of pics attached!
    Oh, by the way, I cant find any serial number on it so I know thats gonna make it difficult to nail down. The guy I bought it off though said it was about 20 years old so that would make it 1988, I bought it in December 2008. It has Kent Armstrong pickups and a snakewood fingerboard. Thats all I know! Cheers all!!

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  5. I saw that one on eBay. :D Good purchase.

    It's probably not quite 20 years old, since it has the newer Nightingale logo, not the "yin-yang" on the headstock, but still has the old headstock shape. I'd say probably early-mid 90's, and probably made by Neil McDonald at his old shop in Croydon, before he moved to Denmark St. There were two subsequent headstock designs - the squarer one that you see on Brew's bass, and another, smaller and rounder one, that he used for the latter-day Nightingales. Hard to tell what woods are there, with the solid finish, but Neil was fond of using ash for solid-finished basses, so that's quite likely. The neck's probably a maple/walnut laminate.

    I'd definitely recommend the electronics upgrade, like Brew got - that'll make the most of the bass. As I mentioned earlier, Neil McDonald seems to have vanished, but I'm sure Bernie G will be able to tell you more about the bass.
  6. Thanks ever so much for the info, it´s greatly appreciated! I´ve sent an e mail to Bernie along with a couple of pics to see if he can shed any light too. I guess he´s gonna be a busy man so I don´t expect a quick reply, hopefully I´ll actually be able to get down to his workshop one day and have a natter. The electronics upgrade might be worth it yeah, but it does sound pretty awesome as it is even though I think there is a problem with the three way selector. In the middle position one would assume that both pickups should be on but for some reason, only the back pickup is working. There´s a guy in Leicester where I´m from who is a wizard at sorting out electronics so with a bit of luck, he´ll be able to analyse it in the meantime. For the time being though, until I get that front pickup working in conjunction, I´ll be sticking to my G&L Asat as the slap tone on it takes some beating! All the best!
  7. From what I remember of the electronics, the switch doesn't control the pickups - it's a tone switch that I think does series/parallel switching or something similar. I think the knob under the bridge pickup is the volume, and the one further forward, almost under the neck pickup, is the pan pot. A bit confusing.

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