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Nightmare scenario....

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by steveksux, Jun 4, 2005.

  1. We get to the gig last night, and there's another band there about 80% set up already. We both think we're scheduled to play there that night.

    Ended up calling the guy that booked it, turns out we were scheduled, they had been cancelled. Said he left a message on their answering machine a few weeks ago telling them its off, but they didn't get the message.

    Totally sucks, they had to tear down, pack up, and go home. And it could have just as easily been us going home instead of them. I felt really bad for those guys, they were looking forward to the gig, had a bunch of people coming down, etc.

    Just venting.... Even though it wasn't us getting screwed, I'm still not too happy with the situation. We'll be verifying future gigs a few days before from now on, I'd rather find out before I get there.

  2. We have had this happen to us - it's not much fun and quite embarrassing.

    These days we have a standard contract that must be signed by the venue/promoter. It's got a clause that means they have to pay us a % if they cancel without due notice ;)
  3. This happened to a band I was in back in about 1994.
    We got to the gig which was about 65 miles away,
    and there was another band setting up. We were booked,
    and they said that they were booked. Hmmmm....
    Our leader talked to the person in charge at the bar, and his
    response was that there must have been a mix up with more
    than one person doing the booking(this is a community run bar).
    He said since the other band was almost already set up, that
    he would just have them play.

    I was pissed! I was in college at the time, and REALLY needed
    the money.

    I'm now in a band where contracts are always used. We haven't
    run into this ever with the current band. I would HIGHLY
    recommend using a standard contract for every band out there.

    I don't know how it works for those of you who play those
    multiple band shows. I've played very few of them myself.
    I would think it would be nice to just learn enough material
    to do a whole night by yourselves and take all the cash for
    the gig instead of splitting it between a bunch of bands.
    Plus, then you don't have all the situations I've been reading
    about here where somebody else's band used and wrecked
    your equipment, and all that other unpleasantness.

    Sorry, I guess I got off on a tangent.
    But double booking does suck. Especially when you're the
    ones that get sent home!
  4. jiant.


    Jul 3, 2004
    Fort Mill, SC
    Yeah, this happened to my band once. One of the guitarists and myself showed up and had everything except for the Drum kit(the person who booked us said that we were going to use the drum kit of a friend's band who was also playing, but our drummer is a lefty and it is just as easy to set up his small kit as it is to switch one around), which the other guitarist was bringing since he was giving our drummer a ride. We started unloading everything, since they wanted our stuff set up and miked and ready to go since we were the headliners. The only other people there at the time(about an hour and a half before the first act) were the soundman and two guys from another band. Anyway, after we had been there for quite some time, the band who's drum kit we were suposed to be using showed up. We talked for awhile and I noticed there drummer wasn't there. Thinking that he was just running late I asked where he was and they said that he was in North Dakota and the snow was so bad that his flight home was cancelled so they were just gonna do an acoustic set. I told them that we were supposed to use their set, but were gonna use ours anyway. A few minutes later the person who booked all the bands shows up, looks at me and says "You guys aren't playing tonight." This coming from the person who had us on her radio show just a few weeks earlier playing live acoustic stuff and some tracks on our CD making a big deal about how we were the headliners. She then made up some story about how she told our band member who went to said college that we weren't gonna play when she talked to him earlier that morning. He has eyewitnesses that confirm that she just told him that we would probably have to go on a little earlier than scheduled. Anyway, it was supposed to start at 4:00 PM and we were there until 6:00 hanging out with our friends in the other band and it still hadn't started. That woman sucks at everything. Now we mainly book with people/ bands we know and have known for quite awhile. Sorry for typing/venting so much, maybe I should of started a different thread. God Bless. -Brad
  5. pagan109


    Jun 19, 2005
    Here's another nightmare scenario...well not a big one.
    This band which is more established than we are gets us a gig to open for them.We were supposed to play 30 mins and them 1 hr.The organizing was so messed up...the show started really late.we played our 30 min set.The headlining band comes on...and there is some deadline problem and the place had to shut down.Sum it up...the band did not get to play.I felt real awful taht night.Especially since both bands hardly get to gig.Couldnt have felt more sorry in my life.
    Aah well..both got paid..that was another thing :)
  6. jondog


    Mar 14, 2002
    NYC metro area
    My story isn't really a nightmare, just a bummer. We show up at the venue and the doors are locked and all the lights are out -- they appear to have gone out of business. It was our new sub guitarist's first gig w/ us so all his friends were coming out . . . We went out drinking instead and saw a cool band so I guess it ended alright.
  7. thedoctor


    Jun 20, 2005
    This is a very good reason to become a union musician. No apprenticeship required, no cancelled contracts and free doughnuts at the union meetings. An "act-of-god" cancellation gets you and the promoter off the hook. The union pays you what you would have gotten, minus gate-share and travel. Did I mention the doughnuts? Been a member since 1967.

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