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    Normally, I am not a fan of tribute songs, especially those composed on the fly right after a tragedy of some sort, but I was moved to tears by one I heard played as part of a medley of songs accompanying footage of the events of the past week. This was shown on NBC's Today Show Thursday or Friday last week.

    The song moved me so much, I tried to find out who wrote and played it, but I discovered accidentally late last night watching the local TV news.

    The song is "Nine-Eleven" by a young West Palm Beach guitar band, The Curve. They were interviewed and absolutely did not strike me as opportunists. They don't even have a CD out yet. They donate all proceeds from the sale of the CD to the Red Cross or victims' relief funds.

    If you are at all interested in knowing more about this song or how to buy it, check:

    Scroll down to "Tribute Songs."

    By the way, at this site you can access via "Real Audio" the radio station's special mix of the Enya song "Only Time." The eerie mix of Enya's song and the first radio broadcasts of the WTC attacks is not my taste, but I recognize that it may move some of you.

    I am totally in favor of any music that brings comfort in these times and I know each of us are moved by different styles of music. That is the strength of our culture. We allow diversity of taste and preferences.
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    Too bad they will have to change their name if they ever get big. Curve is a british band that has been putting out records on a major label for ten years or more.