Nino, What's going ON?

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  1. Hey Nino, I noticed you were selling one of your Spectors(which I bid on) and one of your Sadowsky's(too expensive for me). Are you preparing to buy another bass or trying to maintain a level of sanity and pay off some of your credit card bills:D ?
  2. lol!

    Nino and sanity don't go together, man...

    I'm pretty sure he put down payment on another Sadowsky, but I'll let him come by with the official announcement. I owe a lot to that man, as he's the one that made my try a Spector for the first time. I know own a beautiful Czech 5 that I love dearly. /me cries with joy.
  3. Nino Valenti

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    Feb 2, 2001
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    I haven't exactly deceided what I'm doing. I'm either gonna:

    1-Pay off some of my American Express bill & buy a OLP StingRay 5.

    2-Sell these 2 & a few more & buy a nice Sadowsky bass that Roger is building. He is building 2 of the same basses & one is for Jeff Rader & the other is for "In Stock".

    3-Sell all my basses & send my kids through college. :D

    The thing is, the bass that Roger is building now is SOOO BEAUITFUL. It's like a peice of art & I know deep down inside I'll never play it. The natural Sadowsky truly out-playes every bass I own (NS-5 USA CLOSE 2nd) & it out-played all the Sadowsky's in his shop on my last visit on 9/6/01. I could really use some money to give to AmEx. We (me & my wife) tend to forget we actually have to pay them back. ;) It's not a MAGIC GREEN peice of plastic after all.

    So after all is said & sold, I'll have a big wad of cash BURNING a hole in my pocket!!!!!
  4. barroso


    Aug 16, 2000
    i suggest you to sell what you have to sell to pay your bills. then and only then stat collecting money and when you'll have all the whole money go to roger and order your custom. it's so easy!
    ...or not?!?!