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    Hi Folks,

    Update - Price drop to $45 shipped- only have the 1 NJ5 left (below)

    I've got a few Nordstrand pickups for sale.

    NJ5 Set - MMpu - NJ5 neck fender.jpg

    I had the guys over at Nordstrand make this set for a bass I built. I played the bass in my home studio (never gigged or left my home office). I've since taken the pickups out of the body and they've sat in the Nordstrand box.

    First up:

    SOLD: NJ5 Set - 5 String J Style pickups in a MusicMan 5 cover - 70's wind - SOLD
    1 NJ5 Neck & 1 NJ5 Bridge pickup in the single MM cover
    9.5" of wire left to work with

    I had it wired on a switch so I could solo each one or put them
    both on.

    $145 Shipped - CONUS

    Next up:

    NJ5Fn - 5 String J-Style pickup. Fender Spacing 60's wind

    This is a stock pickup you could buy at any Nordstrand dealer.
    10" of wire left to work with

    $45.00 Shipped - CONUS

    Both for some savings: $180 Shipped CONUS

    PM me if you're interested, and thanks for looking!

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