No Fame strings

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by Drake, Sep 27, 2001.

  1. Has anyone out there other than myself tried these strings? I got a bit of a tip from my bass teacher that says a lot of the pros around use them.... (himself included) He is quite a good jazz bassist, and also plays funk, drum and bass, and fusion..... I have them on my bass and for the money they seem to bey quite good.... Nickel round wounds that are rather bright and have tonnes of the new string sound when you first get them.... which is probably the reason that they are used by pros... and they probably replace them alot... I personally use 55-110s and for $15 canadian... I feel that they are like a secret or something.... I talked to the local long and mcquaid (local big chain) and they said they would never deal with stuff like that..... I have to go to smaller luthier places to get them.... jsut seems weird to me....

    so yeah anyone who has played them? Or even anyone else that has seen them?


  2. Haven't heard of them but feel the same way about Webstrings . They were $11+ for a 5-string set.

    Brands like DR or Rotosound aren't going to lose any sleep over them, but they'd make me think twice about buying Fenders. They fully explain how they sell so cheap at their website.

    If you've got a bass that is kind of a neglected child, they're great.
  3. Yeah those are cheap... can you attest to the quality?

  4. They're quite good on a cost/value ratio. Just don't expect DR/Rotosound/Thomastik-level volume and tone extremes (assuming your pickups/amp will display those). They are better than other strings I've tried that cost twice as much.

    If you haven't already, you should read the relative wealth of info about them at their website if you're interested.