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  1. john turner

    john turner You don't want to do that. Trust me. Staff Member

    Mar 14, 2000
    atlanta ga
    • WE DO NOT allow pay pal no fee payments, or any permutation thereof, at talkbass.
    • WE DO NOT allow multiple prices/charging the buyer for the paypal fee, or any permutation thereof at talkbass.
    EXAMPLE : since the term "net to me" can imply different pricing structures based on payment method, this phrasing falls under the stated prohibition, and is not allowed.

    IF YOU PUT ANY VARIANT of these in your for sale thread, it will be deleted without notice, and if you make a habit of it you will lose access to our classifieds.

    NOTE : If via PM, you require OR request that a prospective buyer pay via friends & family and then attempt to upcharge them if they don't comply, or treat them differently in any way (such as proceeding to sell to someone else), you may lose your access to this website permanently. attempting to circumvent our rules in this manner is not appreciated and will not be tolerated.

    requesting gift/fee-free payment options from a buyer is a violation of paypal's usage agreement and leaves the buyer with no protections should things go south.

    this is already in the rules, but i'm hoping making a thread about it will make it a bit more obvious. you know, for all those folks who are still doing it despite it being a rule here, and having been a rule here for a long time.

    IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO HANDLE PAYPAL FEES then specifically state that you will not accept paypal at all in your sale.
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