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No more G.A.S?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Spikeh, Aug 30, 2005.

  1. Spikeh

    Spikeh Sex Strings

    At last! I feel like I have everything I need now... this is my set up:

    - Fender 4 string Jazz Deluxe
    - Trace Elliot 122H 300W combo
    - Boss GT-6B effects pedal
    - A fuzz pedal (not sure of the make)

    I can't actually think of anything else I want / need, apart from a nice 5 string and a volume pedal... but I defo don't have GAS atm... is there something wrong with me?!

    Come on guys / gals... give me something I can add to my collection to GAS about ;)
  2. fourstringdrums

    fourstringdrums Decidedly Indecisive Supporting Member

    Oct 20, 2002
    Oh you'll still get gas...it may not be for something that you need, but some day something will come along and just scream BUY ME!!!!!

    I'm very happy with my setup now but I still keep getting gas on ocassion for things. There was a Read Custom fretless, a used Nordstrand over in FS, even a defretted Ibanez Musician in FS.

    You can run but you can't hide for long :)
  3. adouglas


    Jun 23, 2003
    Bridgeport, CT
    Oh, it'll come back alright...as surely as the need to pass wind after eating beans.

    Sooner or later you'll see/hear a bass and you won't be able to get it out of your head. Then you'll make the mistake of actually trying one. Then (unless you have the money to collect basses) you'll have to choose....

    Just happened to me. I bought a Bongo yesterday and will be selling my main bass once it arrives. Yes, the looks are controversial. But I don't care...the sound makes my little heart go pitter-pat.
  4. Spikeh

    Spikeh Sex Strings

    Well... I'm getting into my local music scene slowly, so no doubt I'll have the chance to play some nice basses sometime soon...

    Last time I played someone elses bass, I was just beginning to play, and I don't even remember the model... all I know is that it was a headless, grey thing... and the guy told me it cost him £2k! I was a a little drunk at the time and hit the neck on one of the walls I was near... oops :( I didn't get GAS for it though... but then again I didn't know squat about anything then!

    I'm a totally different person now though, and no doubt I'll GAS for every bloody bass I play! The GAS I've had recently was for the GT-6B pedal and the trace amp, and I've got them both now... I just don't feel that the GAS I'll have from now on will be quite the same... I mean... I've got everything I need right? The next set of GAS'll be minor in comparison?!
  5. Mark Wilson

    Mark Wilson Supporting Member

    Jan 12, 2005
    Toronto, Ontario
    Endorsing Artist: Elixir® Strings
    G.A.S is like a Hemorroid. Once you think it's gone, it'll come right back.
  6. I'm currently GAS-free, as of 25/8, when I ordered my Modulus Oteil. But as Geddy_Lee stated, it will probably come back when I least expect it.

    GSPLBASSDC Gold Supporting Member

    Jan 25, 2005
    Des Moines, IA
    yeah, you'll get G.A.S again...for instance, what about the new programmable Sans Amp BDDI???
  8. Chasarms

    Chasarms Casual Observer

    May 24, 2001
    Bettendorf, IA USA
    It comes and goes. I went three year without buying anything, and then I made the mistake of discovering the basstasters website.

    I couldn't get the Fender thing out of my mind. I have owned a ton on basses, but I have always loved Fenders. I just had to have one more. So, I got it. I'll probably be gas free for while now though.

  9. Selta


    Feb 6, 2002
    Pacific Northwet
    Total fanboi of: Fractal Audio, AudiKinesis Cabs, Dingwall basses
    It'll be back soon enough. I've been GAS free since Feburary this year, but lately I've been gasing pretty heavily over a certain someone's 55-94. Hopefully I'll have it, then I should be GASless until I'm out of college!

  10. Selta


    Feb 6, 2002
    Pacific Northwet
    Total fanboi of: Fractal Audio, AudiKinesis Cabs, Dingwall basses
    You might want to have that checked... ;)

  11. ladros2


    Jun 2, 2005
    Save your money, and when G.A.S. does rear it's ugly/beautiful head, you'll, have money for gear!
  12. Kelly Coyle

    Kelly Coyle

    Nov 16, 2004
    Mankato, MN
    I keep thinking we ought to get some kind of support group going. You know, I log in and say, "I saw a fretless blue ASAT today," and my group says "You already have a fretless; you don't need it. Call me if it gets bad."

    Ha. Just as I typed that, UPS stopped by.

    But, actually, I'm serious. I'd join a group that helped restrain me a bit.
  13. To be happy
  14. Spikeh

    Spikeh Sex Strings

    I suppose the love for bass is just too much isn't it? I know it'll come back some day... but I'm kinda happy it's gone for now.

    I do want a 5 string though... I can see this getting messy.
  15. I'm GAS free too, at least with basses.
    Today I just recieved a '74 Burg.glo Ric4001 from a fellow forumite, and this pretty much concluded the list of bass that I've always wanted. Now I'm done with: the Ric, '79 Ibanez Musician MC-824, JAF custom fretless, Epiphone acoustic fretless, and my first bass the Yamaha BB 5 string.

    Just one more pickup upgrade for the Yamaha, then I'm done for real. :p
  16. Spikeh

    Spikeh Sex Strings

    Yeah right... ;P
  17. Keeaumoku


    Dec 29, 2004
    Uh-huh... sure, buddy! Now I just said in a different thread (see "What Does GAS Mean?") that I am cured of GAS pains for now... at least as far as amps are concerned... I recently bought an Aguilar DB750. However, I've been around the block enough times to know that this malady has a history of possible recurrence... :crying:
  18. BAM!!


    How do you like me now?

    (Sorry 56k guys. Hey! Why don't you think about upgrading?)
  19. Spikeh

    Spikeh Sex Strings

    God damn you Graham! Grr....

    Getting my effects pedal delivered today :D

    Oh... and I'm still actually GASing... but not for anything in particular... I'm browsing ebay and these forums and the web and trying to find something to buy! I suppose it's not as bad as having GAS for something you really want...
  20. a bassist will always have GAS... it's our curse!