No more picks?

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  1. While visiting, I came across this excerpt:

    mid 70's gibson les paul signature bass
    got les paul to sign it behind the bridge, joke is on me though -
    it says "keep on pickin', mike" (I lost being able to play w/a pick)
    got this one in smyrna, ga

    Maybe I've missed something. Why can't you play with a pick anymore? The only thing I can think of is lost fingers, tho it would be hard to play bass at all with that condition. Just curious

    P.S. did I get your quote correct. Don't wanna mis-quote
  2. watt

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    I stopped playing w/a pick in 1983 and only started doing it again by a request from j mascis when I helped him for a few tours as j mascis + the fog in 2000. how'd I get feeble w/the pick? well, "if you don't use it, you lose it" as someone once said. much respect to j for encouraging me to get that skill back.

    on bass, watt