No longer available No name jazz body, lefty, sunburst. 4 string. Price drop: $50

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  1. abotaun


    Dec 8, 2007
    New York
    This is a lefty jazz bass body, make and wood type unknown. No name found on it. If anyone can identify it, let me know! Weighs about 5lbs, according to a fairly crappy scale. Has a cheap bridge in it, and pots, knobs, pickguard. I can include the neckplate and screws that came with it too. The body has some scratches and dents, the biggest damage below the knobs, as seen in the picture. The high gloss finish shows lines and gives me the impression that this is not a real expensive or special piece. But it is solid and would be great for a basic project. Someone put in little wood splints to mount the previous pickups. I left them in there, but you could take them out for foam or springs or whatever. Also, the other funky thing is that the metal control cover does not line up great with the edge of the cavity. So the previous owner used a long screw in the one side to go into the bottom of the cavity. See picture.
    Now $50 shipped in the 48 states. Contact with any questions.
    May trade for a right body, 4 string hardware or pickups, or fretting tools.
    Thanks! IMG_20170804_143442.jpg IMG_20170804_143609.jpg IMG_20170804_143514.jpg IMG_20170804_143743.jpg IMG_20170804_143452.jpg
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