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  1. Cheers, good Folks at tb!

    I've just made some videos with some examples and ideas on bass soloing from different perspectives. I humbly post a couple of links here in the hope that it might inspire some. of you:

    1) The Minor Pentatonic Scale:

    2) The Minor 6 pentatonic scale:

    3) Superimposition:

    4) Hexatonics:

    5) Embellishing Chord Tones:


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    Nice avatar! Is it safe? ;)
  3. -Very!
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    the links are bad.
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    Indeed, they are.
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    Indeed they are, but Shafi Hadi, File Under Purple is super nice!
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  7. D*mn, ok, I'll try again..
    The Minor Pentatonic scale:
  8. -the Minor 6 Pentatonic:
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  9. Thanks! A long time since I've listened to that!
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    Thank you. Nice playing, nice exercises and especially nice that you put a glossary of the chords upon which to use them!
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  11. Nice work. Are you planning to post the rest of the videos? I'm very interested in the one on hexatonics.

    Edit: I subscribed to your YouTube channel, so no need to repost if you don't want to.
  12. -Here you go:
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    Well, if those exercises are really coming up, I'm looking forward to that installment!
  17. Not sure, what you mean GastonD?
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    The screenshot to Bebop scales reads "Exercises coming up" :)
  19. Oh well, perhaps not the best chosen screenshot...