No sound coming out of amp (markbass lm2)

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  1. So I just got this amp today. I bought it off the tb classifieds. It powers up but there is no sound coming from the speakers. (Hooked it up to my computer and there is sound coming from the xlr so that works). I use a genz benz neox212 cab. The seller said he tested it before shipping it and said it works great. So maybe something came loose during shipping?
    I made sure all connections were right. I have an eden wt405 amp and it works with the cab. I tried both the Speakon out and the other output on the lm2 but still nothing. Any ideas?

    I'm still waiting for the seller to respond but maybe someone has experienced this before.
  2. It's the volume knob pulled out by any chance? It's a pull mute. Worth double checking!
  3. Also if you are connecting a Speakon cable, make sure it is well seated.
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    Yes, it's a twist to lock connector.
  5. Hi, checked the speakon and other speaker out to make sure but nothing. Nope, the master isn't pulled out.
  6. I notice the master knob is kinda tight but not pulled up.
  7. I'll probably just send this back. Arrgh, been having bad luck with amps lately.