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  1. ThatLeftyguy


    Dec 9, 2016
    Hey talkbass! I need your help on this one..I just realized the problem to my dilemma when my D string bends lose sound whenever I'm soloing the neck pickup. no it wasn't action,setup,pickups being too close or too far, but I decided to open the thing up and take a look. There's seems to be sound ports inbetween the poles to pickup any sound outside the pole pieces that lead inside the pickup but nothing In the center (since its split) hence why I have no sound when bending a note. Any solutions to this? Thanks! (Pickup is a dimarzio model J)

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    That is a side by side humbucker and there will be no sound picked up in the area between the sections. The sections are electrically and magnetically out of phase and there is a magnetic null between them. Typical of all side by side humbuckers.

    Edit: The hole between the poles has nothing to do with picking up sound. Sound is generated when the steel string vibrates in the magnetic field of the pole pieces, disturbs it and generates electricity in the coils. The hole was used for the manufacturing process.
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  3. ThatLeftyguy


    Dec 9, 2016
    Thank you for the response! I'll have to find a way around it then.
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