SOLD Noble Preamp (Built 9-25-18)

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    Jun 20, 2013
    This unit is one of the most sought after Tbe preamps made and here is your chance to get one pretty much mint with 9.5 years warranty left. It hasn’t been used much at all and mint with exception of 1 of the metal rings for the 9v jacks os missing. I contacted Noble and he agreed to upgrade free the jacks to his newest version in a 1 week turn around if the buyer wants to. It works like brand new. I will ship $975 fedex insured. These units have a waiting list of 12-13 weeks right now they are in so much demand.

    CA247312-E8AE-4376-9619-CA6872E94EDE.jpeg 52449DA4-679F-4F27-A159-644718F377EA.jpeg 5455597C-21CF-4BD4-874A-8CEED6E56D27.jpeg
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