SOLD Noble Preamp (with patch, power, & speaker cables)

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    Jul 26, 2017
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    Noble top.jpg It's another sad, sad day this year. Due to COVID I need to sell my INCREDIBLE Noble preamp. I am the original owner, purchased directly from Jack, production date is 2-16-2019. There is still 8+ years left on the transferable warranty (original card included--see pics).

    Absolutely no issues whatsoever. Gigged twice since new and not being used now as I go direct into my computer now and have zero live and/or recording needs. The greatest live tone "I" ever had was playing the Rob Allen Mouse 5 in my pic through this Noble (sold that as well). I experienced sonic perfection twice in my life, and now it's time to let this little beauty go as well.

    I am including a bundle of cables (high-quality and barely used) with purchase (shipping from Hawaii is expensive anyway, so a few more pounds won't hurt). The Analysis Plus power cable makes a difference (cork sniffers) and the rest of the cables are in excellent condition.

    Shipping to the USA is included and will ship insured either USPS or UPS within 24 hrs (besides Sundays).

    Price: $1150

    INCLUDES: (all in good to excellent condition)
    • Noble preamp (made in Feb. 2019)
    • Original Noble power cable
    • Original Noble pedal power cables (6 x 9v)
    • Noble transferable warranty card (8+ years left)
    • Analysis Plus Pro Power Oval cable ($100+)
    • Custom USA-made patch cables x 5
    • Tour Tough Speak-on speaker cable
    • Tour Tough 1/4" speaker cable
    • Tour Tough Speak-on to 1/4" adapter
    • Extra velcro ;-)
    Need the cash to pay some bills so no trades and Paypal only.
    Noble 2-16-2019.jpg Noble inputs.jpg Noble tubes.jpg Noble pedal outs.jpg Noble velcro.jpg Noble 6 cables pedal power.jpg Noble stock power cord.jpg Pro Power Oval cable.jpg Analysis Plus power pro oval.jpg custom patch cables 5.jpg Tour tough speaker cable.jpg NEW speaker cable with adapter.jpg adapter close up.jpg Extra velcro.jpg
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