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Nobles SPX-31 dual loop blender

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Flaggus, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. Does anyone have experience using this?

    I've recently gotten a LBM and found that I'ld like to mix a bit of clean signal back in. I also have a SD-1 out for mods to make it play nice with bass frequencies and I was thinking splitting my signal in 3 and mixing it all back together - Clean, Fuzz and OD/Dist.

    The Nobles is the only thing that I found that can do something remotely like this short of a mini-mixer board.

    Other Option 1: I'm looking at are the Radial MIX. Though it can only mix 50/50 at maximum blend (though this might not be a problem with bass). It only has one loop, but it does have a phase switch (BTW, how necessary is that feature?)
    Other Option 2: Something from Barge Concepts. To do 2 loops would require something custom, and AFAIK they don't come with a phase switch.

    I'm borrowing the Nobles this weekend to try out .... I may also find out that running "tri-amp" setup completely unnecessary, so a regular blend pedal may be all I need (for the fuzz).

    Opinions please.....

    EDIT: Oh, there's the Boss LS-2, though I don't know if channel A cascades into channel B (A+B/Bypass mode?), nor if the fidelity is good.

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