Noir Desir Leader convinced of murder

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    You may not know about this because it's mainly a french affair.

    Bertrand Cantat is the leader for Noir Desir, by far the biggest french rock band for the last 15 years. A model for a generation, myself included.

    This is a sad sad story. Cantat was very well known for being your typical non-violent guy. He's got no police records.
    I once met him after a concert and he was just about as nice to everybody as one can get, fans and crew included.
    Nobody knows exactly why this happened.

    Marie Trintignant is a beloved actress. Her cerebral death was declared today.

    VILNIUS, Lithuania (AP) -- French actress Marie Trintignant was hospitalized in a "deep coma" Tuesday after allegedly being beaten over the weekend by her rock star boyfriend.

    At the request of family members, a second operation was performed Tuesday on the 41-year-old film star in a bid to ease pressure on her brain caused by cerebral hemorrhaging and bring her out of the coma, said Dr. Robertas Kvascevicius, a physician treating her at Vilnius University Hospital.

    But Trintignant's condition remained unchanged, Kvascevicius told a news conference.

    Police identified her boyfriend, French rock singer Bertrand Cantat, as a suspect, and began to question him Tuesday about the alleged attack Sunday in the Domina Plaza Hotel in Vilnius, Lithuania's capital, where Trintignant was staying with her mother, son and Cantat.

    Cantat, lead singer of the popular French band Noir Desir (Black Desire), had been admitted to the same hospital Sunday after drinking "dangerously high" amounts of alcohol, police said.

    He was released Tuesday and police immediately began questioning him, investigator Juozas Kandzezauskas said.

    The Tuesday edition of Lithuania's Lietuvos Rytas newspaper quoted Dr. Anele Pavinksniene, who claimed to have examined Cantat, as saying the singer's right fist was bruised.

    Authorities said it could take days or weeks before they decide whether to formally charge Cantat.

    Trintignant has performed in 30 films, most of them French. Though mostly typecast as neurotic, mentally unstable women, she has tried in recent years to do more comic acting.

    She has been in Vilnius since the beginning of June, playing the lead role in a joint French-Lithuanian TV movie called "Colette," a love story set in the 19th century. The film, which also stars Lambert Wilson, was being directed by Trintignant's mother.
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    Geeve 'eem ze chair!
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    Lets poke him to death with Q tips.
  4. Hey now, it's not just a joking matter. It's also an unhappy turn of events.
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    You damn right it's no joke matter.
    How would you feel if Flea, Geddy or Les Claypool were murderers ?
    That's about my state of mind right now.
    Like a symbol crumbling to the sea.