Noise Emanating

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  1. addy


    May 18, 2004
    I would appreciate anybody's opinion on the following predicament I have been experiencing:

    When my instrument cord is plugged into my bass (passive p/j split), and I bend it slightly near the plug, I encounter a noise through my amplifier.

    I have two cords, one being a store purchased cord with Neutrik ends (the cord was old, but the connectors are well in appearance) which made this noise. I visited a local hi-fi store and purchased some decent bulk cable and resoldered the old Neutrik connectors to a 15' run. There now is less noise, but when the cord is bent slightly near the plug, noise is still produced through the amplifier.

    I am not sure whether I should purchase a new set of Neutrik connectors (is something within the plug itself causing signal interference/degradation?) or could it be a poor solder joint on the jack within the bass...

    any help would be much appreciated.