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  1. Pretty new to any effects, got a crazy good deal (and I think I see why) on an mxr power brick and a B3.when I plug the B3 into the brick it's soooo noisy, straight into the wall is fine, I also have a few other pedals on the board, they are also quiet,

    The main reason I got this power brick was to make everything easier when giging., plug and play ya know? Cut down on cords etc.I only play out twice a I go to batteries, would they cut down the noise? I know the obvious would be to give it its
    Own wall wart but im trying to get away from wires everywhere,

    Comments, questions, suggestions?? :thumbup:
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    Is the B3 quiet when you plug it into the wall with it's own Zoom power supply?

    If it is, then the MXR is bad. I've used my B3 with Zoom's power supply, a OneSpot, VooDoo Lab power supply and an Eventide power supply. The B3's been quiet with all of them
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  4. Nope, narrowed it down to the mxr brick, dosent have isolation built in to the unit, actually got the planet waves cable kit last night, made up all custum cables .that seemed to help. Tried the orders of the effects. But still got the whining /clicking sound.ALL that works is giving the B3 it's own wall wart. Anyone have realistic battery life times on the B3?