SOLD NOLL 3 band EQ for 2 pickup bass. (active/passive push pull) B,T, para-mid sweep

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    Mar 24, 2008
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    Selling my NOLL 3 band eq. Highly rated eq from Europe used on many high-end brands. Works perfectly but I preferred to have a 4 band eq and changed it out.
    This has vol-push/pull for active passive, balance, treble/bass concentric, mid concentric for amount of mid boost/cut and bottom of the concentric controls where you want the mid to be applied or cut. 5 knobs will work with 9 volt or 18 volt equally well. the only advantage of the 18 volt is that battery life will be extended. 5 knob and it will include the chrome knobs (usually $10 ea/$50 value). These preamps are the highest quality and usually sell for $250-300. $150 will get this shipped to you CONUS. 20210517_134643 (2).jpg 2021-05-17 13_55_23-Window.jpg 2021-05-17 13_55_23-Window.jpg
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