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  1. VTBass


    Nov 16, 2018
    Athens, Greece
    Hi all!

    I have a Pedulla Thunderbass (1992), without the thunderguts circuit. The preamp on it is no longer working and I am looking for a replacement.

    The setup is for 3 knobs (I want to avoid body changes) and so far, from all the options I had to consider I made up my mind for NOLL 4XM in the B 2083 setup which is:
    - Push-Pull Active/Passive + Volume/Blend Stacked
    - Bass/Treble Stacked
    - Low Mid/Hi Mid Stacked

    Since I am ordering from Europe, I have found the parts I need @

    So the questions to you forum are:
    1. Do you know of any other e-shops that have NOLL I could visit? Bassparts seems to be sort of the preamp I want currently. Europe is preferred but anywhere that ships to Greece is ok (BestBassGear no longer ships here...)
    2. Do you have any other proposals for preamps I might have missed in my look up? for sure I need up to 3 knob, 2 band EQ min, Active Passive switching and Blend. I would want to avoid something overly coloured

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  2. JRA

    JRA my words = opinion Gold Supporting Member

    that's too bad: that shop would have been my suggestion --- their preamp choices are great!

    maybe a workaround: if you know/trust anyone in a country which is on their 'ships to' list you could use a 'middleman' to get the kit you want. good luck! :thumbsup:
  3. VTBass


    Nov 16, 2018
    Athens, Greece
    Hey, thanks for the feedback. Indeed Best Bass Gear selection and support rules!

    It seems that BBG can use a freight forwarder company as an alternative for my case but I am a little bit skeptic about it. I would pretty much prefer to deal only with the shop.
  4. JRA

    JRA my words = opinion Gold Supporting Member

    i don't think i'd be hesitant --- best bass gear (IME) knows what they're doing. unless you have some doubts about mail/parcel handling on your end (greece). bottom line: i'd be inclined to trust the process BBG recommends. i hope it works out for you. ;)
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  5. 4StringTheorist

    4StringTheorist Supporting Member

    If you want uncolored and a lot of tone control from three knobs Audere is the way to go.

    The only thing an Audere lacks from your list is active/passive switching. If you want A/P for tonal reasons, you won't miss it, the Audere is that uncolored.

    What you gain is a fully buffered active blend. This is the big thing I miss from the Audere-equipped bass I no longer own.
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  6. Northfear


    Mar 15, 2017
    You can contact Noll directly too. There's no shop that sells their stuff in my country, so I've ordered a few pots and knobs from them somewhere last year and there were no problems with order or delivery.