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Non-Master Volume Amps

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by James B, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. Hi All. First post from bass-newbie.

    I'm a middle-aged novice guitar player. Five years learning, garage band, weekly jam/practice, only "playing out" 1-2 times per year for family/friends gatherings. The last couple of years I've had to fill in on bass occasionally, so I'm trying to improve my skills. I've picked up a MIJ Jazz Bass that I'm very happy with and I'm taking online lessons.

    I'm currently playing at home either unplugged or at low volume through a Fender Princeton clone, but I'm looking to up my game with a bass head that has headphone out and aux in for play-along utility and silent practice. Ideally, down the road, I'd also like this amp to be usable in our practice space and/or with DI for small "gigs". So far, I'm considering the Traynor SB200H (Traynor Amps) and the TC Electronic BH250 (BH250 | TC Electronic).

    All that said ... I've noticed that the Traynor head lacks a Master Volume control (present on their 500 watt model: Traynor Amps) and the TCE head lacks a Gain control (present on 550 watt model: BH550 | TC Electronic). Could anyone out there please school me on whether the lack of the secondary gain/volume control on these amps would be a limiting factor in terms of managing the level of grit/drive relative to overall volume (is this "headroom")? Also, does the lack of these secondary gain/volume controls limit the use of OR require the use of pedals to get some drive happening at lower volumes? [note: I live hours away from well-stocked music stores, so I can't just go out and try these amps myself]

    Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Bump ... anyone with a perspective on small gain only vs. gain-master volume bass amps?
  3. I'm no electronics expert. ..but. ... ime... if the amp doesn't have a built in distortion or drive circuit. ....etc. .possibly the GAIN control is only there to help manage your INPUT level.
    I,personally, wouldn't worry about it on that/those amps. If go for the Traynor as they're usually a well made North American amp. I've heard conflicting reports re the TC combo's. .... I'd go for either the Traynor or a Fender Rumble 200 combo in that range
  4. LeonD

    LeonD Supporting Member

    I'd agree with rodl2005 100%. Unlike guitar amps, with bass amps, the gain is usually there to adjust the input level. On company's smaller amps, it might be left off to save on the cost. I wouldn't let the lack of a gain knob stop me from buying an amp.

    Along with what you're looking at, I'd recommend a GK MB200. Providing you're ok with the GK sounds. It's small, has features, well built and sounds great.

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