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Noob question about using an EQ>Amp

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Irish Luck, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. Hey everyone,
    Forgive the noob question. But I prefer to ask questions first, rather than just do something and damage my gear.

    I have an old vintage ADC Sound Shaper II EQ. It's a good EQ, but not sure it would be a good idea for this application.

    I was wondering if it's a ridiculous idea of hooking this up to the effects loop of my bass amp?
    I know only one channel would be used since it's mono, but i tried it with an old beater amp I keep around for testing things like this, and it really made it sound so much better. I just have to watch the output so it doesn't overpower the amp.

    So is this just a dumb idea, and I should just get an EQ pedal? Or is this something that wouldn't damage anything as long as it's hooked up correctly. I can imagine if it made that little amp sound 100 percent better, it might do wonders for my old Peavey amps that lack a clear tone. They're kinda flat sounding, a tad muddy.

    Thanks for any advice/tips/and even online slaps in the face for such a stupid question are fine!

    "God made us all to be just like him. So if we're dumb, then God is dumb...and maybe just a little bit ugly on the side" -Zappa
  2. No reason not to try it and see, you are aware to be careful to not over boost signal already. There are lots of options these days to pump up your sound and add tonal control that may be more convenient. B
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  3. Thanks Brad!
    I just plugged it in and tried it. Wow! What a difference!
    I had to make some patch cords - RCA - 1/4" mono. Threw it in the FX loop and it was an amazing difference. I flattened all the other settings on the amp first.
    Really improves the sound quite a bit.
    I tried two EQs I have. The Sound Shaper is a lot better sounding the Yamaha EQ. I think that may stay hooked up until I find an easier way, like a good pedal.
    But ya, I like it... a lot. Sounds like a different amp.
    Thanks again!

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