Nordstand pickups in Lakland 44-01

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  1. Hi guys,

    Did a quick search but didn't find much, nothing new anyway, on this.

    Can anyone tell me if the Nordstrand Big Splits are a drop in replacement in a Lakland 44-01? Or anyone had any luck getting Nordstrand to make ones that will fit?

    Or does anyone know of any current pickups that can replace the MK1's?

    Thinking of pickup up a 44-01 with the goal of swapping out the electronics.

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  3. Thanks mate. That's what I was assuming. And thanks for the link - it's got the dimensions which must be the same as the MK1's, which is handy!
  4. I also saw that there's a Chi Sonic available that's a direct drop in, might try them as well.