SOLD Nordstrand Dual Coils, Big Splits

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    Been doing some taste testing on my nordy, and left with a couple 5 string pickup sets to unload. Both P2 size covers with 19mm spacing. Including unused package of black pickup screws with both. Both are previously installed and lightly used. No condition issues to mention on either set.

    $250 Used Dual Coils: parallel wind, in original packaging. I did the install in my Nordy VJ5 and left as much of the leads as was practical (see pics). $250 includes USPS Priority Mail shipping to US address.

    SOLD $150 Used Big Splits: Will ship in packaging marked for Big Singles. These were installed in my Nordy VJ5 by Nordstrand and they left plenty of lead (see pics). $150 includes USPS Priority Mail shipping to US address.

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  2. Make an offer.
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  4. Big Splits are gone. Make an offer on the Dual Coils.
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  5. Back from the dead bump because the Dual Coils are still available. Make an offer.
  6. And the dual coils are sold!
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