SOLD Nordstrand Fender NP 5 ALNICO Pup and more

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    Dec 27, 2010
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    For Sale:

    • Nordstrand NP 5 Alnico 3 pup for Fender five string Precision bass
    • Wiring harness
    • 2 CTS 250 K pots, one with paper in oil capacitor
    • Switchcraft output jack
    • 2 genuine Fender chrome P bass knobs
    Everything works fine. Played a show with these components 3 weeks ago. Reason they are out is I converted my 5 string P to a PJ and used Aguilar components, stacked knobs, etc.

    Total retail cost new for all....about $179.

    My price is $90 for all items, shipped USPS CONUS. I accept PayPal and will only ship to a verified PayPal address of record.

    Please start a conversation on this forum to ask questions, request more information, or buy these great components.



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