Nordstrand MM5.2 & John East MMSR 3 Band 4 knob installation problem

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  1. John 6

    John 6

    Apr 26, 2018

    I am an owner of a 2001 EBMM SR5, and its 4-5 months that I decided to upgrade it with the aformentioned pick-up and pre. Unfortunately, after several contacts with both John East’s and Nordstrand’s tech support (which they were very generous and helpful), me and my tech cant still find a proper way to make the installation work without ground noise !!

    At first, we swapped the original Musicman superswitch with a standard Tele 3-way (because Nordstrand’s support told us that their p-up wont work with the stock switch)... Then, we followed the instructions provided, installed correctly the pre-wired pre, shield the pickguard with foil, check every possible connection with the multi-meter, all showed good, but ground noise never dissapeared !!! Only when i touch the bridge... Also, if intouch the p-up with my fingers during playing, it makes some scratchy noises... any help???
  2. Samoht


    Jul 30, 2018
    Can you bypass the selector and go straight to the screw terminals on the East preamp? I have a Norstrand MM5.2 connected this way right now to an East MMSR 3 Band Preamp, and I have zero noise. I only had to connect the one green wire that came connected to the jack to my ground network (bridge ground and ground wire screw to the side wall of the cavity). I’m curious if you have noise in this scenario. Not sure if you’re still having the issue.

    EDIT: I have the Nordstrand pickup connected in parallel mode to the side screw terminal is black/red, ground side is white/green.
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