For Sale/Trade Nordstrand NJ4SE (Neck), Delano JC5AWH (Neck), Glockenklang Preamp 3-band 4 knob

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    All items are in excellent shape, the preamp was purchased new, was in a bass for a bit but decided to go in a different direction so it's available. It also has the concentric knobs included free (these are proprietary for this preamp, meaning other concentric knobs won't fit, so it's a great package deal.

    Delano - 100 shipped (Important) The pickup cover size here is actually a typical 4 string cover even though it's for s 5 string. This will fit most Sandberg California 5 models and other routs for Delano Jazz neck routs where the original pickup is not designated AS (American Spacing) I'll do my best to answer any questions on this one.

    Nordstrand - 100 shipped

    Glockenklang - Sold.

    Also open to trading for a 4 string, warm and woolly set of nordy big blades.

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