SOLD Nordstrand NJ5 FS 60's wound american standard sized pickups for sale

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  1. CoolBassvibes

    CoolBassvibes Supporting Member

    New York
    Hi I have a mint set of Nordstrand NJ5 FS American standard sized 60'S wound jazz bass pickups, with covers, and screws for sale.$130 shipped.I bought them for my US lakland 5560 last month,popped them in and tried them out for a minute,great pickups,but decided to keep the Hansons in, if in case I sell the bass.These pickups are like new.Wires are not tinned,nor cut.Thanks for watching

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  2. blmartin2215


    Feb 14, 2006
    Did you not like the Nordstrands? I ask because I have a USA classic 4460 and just ordered Aguilar 60's J single coil. Not sure how much they will be better than the US classic singles (hanson)
  3. CoolBassvibes

    CoolBassvibes Supporting Member

    Hey yeah I like the nordstrands a lot.Was just checking out different pick up tones.I heard the aggies are real good.I have a set of honey badger pickups now, but getting ready to swap them out for a set of Aguilar 60's.The Hanson are cool,a little scooped to me.I heard that a lot of cats when they get a lakland is to swap them out
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