Nordstrand Nordy VJ5

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  1. Literally new... just not my thing.


    - Olympic White with matching headstock
    -Alder body
    -Brazilian Rosewood neck with blocks and binding (probably the nicest RW I've ever seen)
    - Audere 3 band pre with passive tone control
    - Nordstrand hard case
    - Big Single Pickups (single coil)

    Weight... feels about 9.5 pounds or so.. moderate. The only thing I noticed on this bass when it arrived was that the top concentric knobs on the Audere pre seem to be slightly 'off center' when turned... don't know if this is how the Audere pre's are, or if they got slightly bent during shipping. They work perfectly.

    Price $2,000 plus shipping. Save $500+ (or more if you order one of these after the first of the year) and a 3-4 month wait!


  2. Wow, nice lookin' bass KJung!
    What's the string spacing?
  3. Feels like the standard 3/4" like the Sadowsky/Lakland, etc. You'd have to check with Carey for the exact measurement though.

    The nut spacing is tighter than the Sadowsky/Lakland, making the entire neck feel sleeker/faster. Also, these basses use a rather extreme compound radius of 12 - 20, making the fretboard feel literally flat about the 12th fret.

    Hopefully someone can chime in to verify the 3/4" bridge spacing.
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    Feb 4, 2005
    if you change your mind about trades.
    pm me I have an MTD I could trade.
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    I as well noticed the nut is thinner than sadowsky and the radius is flatter (which I prefer). That is the best color fingerboard combination I have seen!
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    How would you describe the tone from these Big Singles vs. say, Sadowsky HCs or single coils? I'm just not real familiar with Nordy P/Us.

    At the other end of Telegraph Rd...
  7. Given that the Audere does not have a passive bypass, I have no way of separating the sound of the pickup from the pre. The entire bass sounds much more 'soap bar modern' than my Sadowsky... more mid punchy, with a much more 'hi fi' treble response to my ear, versus the somewhat more J like tone of the Sadowsky J style basses with the HC's, and the MUCH more J like tone of the Sadowsky's with single coils.

    All good tones, but quite different. I have no way of assessing how much of this is due to the pickups.
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    That all makes sense, KJung. Kinda what I guessed, but I wanted to get your take on it. How's the low end on the Audere pre? And how's the response on the 'B'?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I've had virtually no personal experience with any Nordys. Yet. :eyebrow:

  9. Low end is plenty big. Not the super fat presence of the Sadowsky to my ear, but bigger than the more 'Fender' vintage Alleva, if that makes sense. The B string is tight and solid, but quite frankly, more on the 'big' side to my ear, versus the 'hear the windings on the B string' that I feel the Sadowsky and Alleva give me. It's actually more similar to my Celinder... more deep bass and fundamental, if that makes sense.

    Kind of cool how all of these basses sound so different. I have the same strings on all of them, by the way (DR Hi Beams).
  10. Hey guys!

    I'm on the road gigging from early tomorrow morning (Saturday) through New Year's Day. I will not be on-line.

    However, if anyone is interested in the bass during this period, my friend Ryan at Low Down Sound is taking care of the sale for me until I return. His number is (248) 546-4773 (noon to 6). Get it while it's hot (and brand new!).

    Happy New Year everyone! Have great gigs!

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    what a great bass! good luck with the sale :)
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    Dec 29, 2007
    I am interested in the bass. Is the finish solid or is the white somewhat translucent? I see it is alder so probably completely opaque. What part of the world is it in? I appreciate you giving the technical descriptions in previous replies. THanks!
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    Sorry folks, bass was sold to me. Love the look but have no experience with Audere pre. Seems Audere reviews are mixed. Guess I can swap it out if it's not my sound.
  15. omg what a beauty!...bump