Nordstrand NP-4 in action

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    A couple months back I assembled a passive Frankenbass for a friend. The bass consisted of a black Fender MIM P body I got here on TB, a MiteyMite maple/maple J neck he supplied, a new tortoise scratch plate from Warmoth, and an NP-4 I got from The neck was secured using threaded inserts (I posted a thread in the Luthiers section on this), all of the body and p/u cavities were lined with copper foil that had all of the joints soldered and ground wires connecting each cavity together, and I utilized the original bridge. All total this bass came in at around $400.

    I thought you might like to hear how this recorded in a recent session:

    To hear the NP-4 in action, check out these cuts:

    We Are Family
    Sweet Thing

    The bass was loaned to Osama Afifi, who layed the grooves heard in all of the above tracks.

    Also of note is the use of Thomastik Jazz Flats. If you want some OTT mean growl then load your bass with roundwounds instead.

    These three tracks were played through a Raven Labs MDB-1 into a Radial JDV 30-volt rail DI and directly into Cakewalk Sonar. They were mixed COMPLETELY flat- no eq, no extra compression, no nothin'.......just the bass.

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    Great sound from that pickup.
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    THUMPIN'! :D Great stuff. I see that someone has been busy in the shop lately. :hyper:
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    I have one in a Fender Zone, along with the NJ4SE in the bridge, and it is a great sounding bass. They make great pickups.