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Nordstrand pickups, OH YEAH!!

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by perutxo, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I can't praise enough this man for the SUPREME work he does. God bless you Carey!
    After going through Duncans and Fender I finally found my perfect tone thanks to my new Nordstrand PJ-SE set. Now I can cut though the mix like a hot knife through butter, without adding extreme EQing.
    I didn't want to spend so much money, but now I regret I didn't do it before.

    Thank you Carey!!!!! I'm a happier man now!!
  2. pmgleenis

    pmgleenis Inactive

    Apr 30, 2009

    This just goes to show how everyone's ears are different. I have a set of Nordstrand NJ4SE Humbuckers on my fretless and really don't like them. I have a set of Bill Lawrence J bass pups coming today and will let you know what I think. I have tried Bill's P bass Pups and they are THE best sounding P bass pup I've heard plus the price is VERY right. I'm looking forward to hearing the J bass pups! :)
  3. orlando123


    May 26, 2009
    I'd have to join "perutxo" in praising this company for a great job in pickup manufacturing. I just had a 5.2 MM pickup installed in my Brubaker Brute MJX-5 and it opened up a world of new tones for me. This bass is truly raw now with this pickup w/series/parallel switching for that pickup. I am totally satisfied, God is GOOD!
  4. naturalkinds


    Jan 22, 2009
    Savannah, GA
    I get complements on my NJ4s all the time. Single-coiled brilliance.
  5. Cory


    May 16, 2004
    I've got a set of Big Singles and they are incredible. I really like how open the tone is! +1....way to go Carey!
  6. Blues Cat

    Blues Cat Payson Fanned Bass Strings Owner Commercial User

    May 28, 2005
    Katy, Tx
    Payson Fanned Bass Strings Owner
    Carey rawks!

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  7. ac11367


    Apr 26, 2007
    Flushing, NY
    I have a MM 5.4 installed on my Lakland 55-02 and NJ4's on my Darryl Jones. I love Nordstrand. I think the pickups' first and foremost characteristic is articulation. They're articluate and nasty at the same time.
  8. orlando123


    May 26, 2009
    Hey I had a MM 5.2 installed on my Brubaker Brute MJX-5 and all I can say is raw sound. Nordstrand pickups are great and really opened up a broad range of tones that were not available before. :grin:
  9. Kael


    Dec 26, 2004
    Oklahoma City
    +1 on everyone's ear being different. I have those same pickups (nj4SE's) in my fretless J. I could not be happier with them.
  10. Vakmere


    Sep 6, 2007
    I had 2 sets of the NJ5FS pups and was not impressed. Coils were overwound and didnt seat on the bar correctly. They also had a buzz due to no hum canceling. Yes the bass was wired well and shielded. I just had 2 sets of duds. Returned them and got Sadowsky J5HC's.