Nordstrand with Epiphone Preamp?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by Count Bassie, Dec 26, 2015.

  1. I've got an Epiphone T-Bird Pro-IV bass, and want to put Nordy Big Singles in it. I can't afford the on-board preamp ( Nord 2b-3b) recommended for them yet, but- can I wire the Nordstrands into the existing stock-Epiphone circuit? Is this possible/reasonable, and will the circuit present any issues? Down the road apiece I'll do the right thing, but I can afford the pickups now... gotta move while the iron is hot, don't you know.

    Also, where's the cheepest place to get 'em?...

  2. According to the website, you have active pickups. This means that the input impedance of the preamp may or may not be appropriate for passive pickups. You should probably contact Epiphone and ask what the input impedance is. Note that you will need to change the pot values, if the preamp and pickup pairing does work.
  3. Ah that makes sense. Thanks!
  4. Your pickups are passive.

    If you've got the Pro -IV like in my avatar (as opposed to the Pro-IV Classic,) the treble/bass controls are active. I'd be tempted to see if switching out the pre-amp scratches the itch before trying new pickups.

    Also, the preamp feels to me (contrary to what Epiphone says,) like the controls are boost only. Running with both the treble and bass nearly off gives a weaker signal, but a more natural tone. It's cheap to try, and the weakness is easily fixed by a boost pedal or the gain knob on the amp.
  5. According to Epiphone: "The pickups are powered by a 9-volt battery which is easily accessible in the back of the body."
  6. We're gonna have to get to the bottom of this...
  7. It's very easy to check. Just look at the wiring and see if the pickups connect to the battery.
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  8. A-HA!! Lol, thanks.
  9. There's a couple guys that pulled out the preamp and run passive. Check out the posts from fordkisscrazy toward the bottom of this page.

    Thunderbird Club Pt.IV
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  10. So that's innerestin'... Might just do it. Thanks for the linkage, Terracite!
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