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    For Sale Only - 2009 Nordy VJ4 #180 in excellent condition.

    $1700 plus $50 shipped to east coast.

    A true unicorn bass, as most of Carey's jazz basses are 5 stringers with preamps, so this is a rare beauty indeed.
    A tiny finish crack by one of the neck pockets is the only blemish I can find.

    Specs - Unchambered ash body, one piece maple neck - no graphite rods (according to Aaron at Nordstrand), birdseye maple board, Nordy Big Singles (V/V/T) vintage frets.
    Weight is 8 lbs, super low action - no fret buzz, Hipshot Tuners/Bridge.
    Nut width pictured. I’d say 1 9/16 - 1 5/8” .
    Nut width not listed on spec sheet.
    (See original spec sheet in photo)

    Mike Lull did a set-up with full electrostatic shielding, as well as fixing minor fret sprouts. The grounding was a mess too, apparently. I'm about $300 into this bass.

    Carey is only doing special orders now, and it's almost always a P-bass.
    These VJ4's are ultra rare - especially ones that have never been modified.
    The build of Carey's basses is second to none, and his unmodified VJ4's are becoming nearly impossible to find - especially in this remarkable condition.

    This one had both an electrostatic shielding and set-up done by Mike Lull - it didn't need a plek because......Carey.
    Comes with the original brown tort guard, as well as a black/cream/black 3 ply guard (pictured).
    Ships in generic hard case to Continental US only.

    This bass is hanging out in a case - waiting for a fellow TB'er who knows how great Carey's work is.

    More pics / info upon request.

    Original thread -
    SOLD - Nordy VJ 4 Final Price Drop

    The photos in original thread have a bone nut - it arrived with a brass nut.

    Thanks for looking -


    IMG_3453.jpeg IMG_3009.jpeg IMG_5300.jpeg IMG_5299.jpeg IMG_5298 2.jpeg IMG_3464.jpeg IMG_5304.jpeg E11B3C6B-FDE1-40E6-A4A5-60063B2D3BE7.jpeg
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