SOLD Nordy VPJ5 Stunning Redwood Top!

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    For sale is this beautiful Nordy VPJ5:


    Ash body with gorgeous flamed and burled redwood top.

    9.9/10 condition (one small dent on edge of body behind forearm contour, pic below), neck and frets perfect.

    34" scale maple neck and rosewood board, 19mm spacing at bridge, 1 7/8" width nut.

    No face dots, upgraded mother of pearl side dots.

    P/J configuration with J in the 70's position.

    2 Band Nordy preamp with tone control and active/passive option.

    Devin Cline custom knobs made from the same piece of redwood the top came from.

    There is an extra redwood knob should you ever decide to put a 3 band preamp in it, as well as the original set of black metal knobs.

    Controls from the neck back are vol/blend/tone/treble/bass.

    Volume is push/pull for active/passive.

    Weight is about 8.6 lbs.

    Includes really nice Gator gig bag (pic below)


    I got this one here on TB about 2 years ago, and although I've gigged it a fair amount, it's been very well taken care of. Plays like butter with a fantastic feeling neck, and sounds like you'd expect a great PJ with Nordstrand pickups to sound. Very flexible bass that can do anything from classic p to a modern jazz. Attention to detail and build quality are as good as anything else out there, as anyone who owns/has owned a Nordy bass can attest to. Since Carey is no longer building basses, they are getting very hard to come by, and this bass is the only one I've ever seen of his with a top like this!

    So, if it's so great, why would I even think of selling it? Well, I've asked myself that same question. The reality is, since I've acquired a couple 35" scale basses, I've found that I prefer the longer scale, and Lakland basses in particular just seem to work the best for me. I've decided to have Lakland build a custom bass, and I need to sell this one to help fund it.

    Price is $2450 shipped CONUS. NO TRADES (unless you have a Lakland USA 55-64 P or PJ in excellent condition)
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    Congrats to both buyer and seller.