Normal aging on a bass?

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  1. So many many moons ago I acquired a bass from a very generous gentleman. I was playing my red squier P on the street corner waiting for my mom to get me when he stopped and offered me a bass. He said wait right there. He made them for kids who didn't have the money and donated them. Since then I've been playing it and loving it. It's not perfect but I'm attached to it. My red P bass was a present from my dad and it was stolen by a jerk. Otherwise I'd have two basses that I'm sentimental about.

    Anyways to the point. It's been played a lot since I've gotten it and it's started wearing through in the strap area and on the lower horn oddly enough. It's black with red below and silver metallic below that. Is this normal? Pics to come.

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  2. And the rest of the black bass

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  3. Gorn

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    Dec 15, 2011
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    Sure it's normal. At some point before you had it, it was red.
  4. There is no "normal when it comes to aging. It all depends on the the user. How much you play it drag it around or whatever. Everyone creates their own normal wear. Some folks keep stuff imaculate for decades some for only weeks or months. Use it own it enjoy it! It's a tool, a tool to use, enjoy, make music on, make memories on and make money on! Some of mine are beat from years of thousands of gigs and thousands of miles. Some are pristine condition. As usual your mileage may vary. Rock on!
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  5. Gorn

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    Dec 15, 2011
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    You were a very trusting boy. Perhaps too trusting. I'm happy that you're happy with your bass, but I'd have walked away quickly and found an adult as soon possible.
  6. DiabolusInMusic

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    That is a really nice story, thanks for sharing. I hope that guy is still at it.

    The wear on your bass is normal, the red underneath was the colour before black and the silver metallic was the initial colour. You could have the bass refinished if you wanted to but I'd rock the wear if it was my bass.
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  7. Nice story. You are very blessed to have that gentleman give you a bass. On the other hand a Gorn said you do need to be careful. Some folks may not have the best intent unfortunately.
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  8. lol where's the fun in that? Kids do/did a lot more stupid stuff than that, and this time it obviously paid off for the OP. It's not like the OP ran off with the dude and was never seen again.....
  9. catcauphonic

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    Lucky you! I would be proud of the aging wear from so much handling. It adds character
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  10. Got it!

    Well that's the plan! I just was curious as I don't have another instrument which is like it and because I have no idea what type of finish it was.

    Trusting, maybe. I think back on how foolish I was and how bad it could have been. There were plenty of adults around picking up their kids. Middle school had just gotten out. But I remember having a mixture of fear and excitedness. Luckily my mom showed up before he did so she was there when he came back. And it turned out to be that he was an honest guy. To this day I wish I could find him again and say thank you again after all these years.

    No intention on a refinish here. I ink the wear is cool. It'd be nice if it was on the front too but it's okay. Maybe someday. I'm okay if not too.

    Yeah, I agree there. And thank you.

    Haha well it could have been. He had his grandkids in the car so I felt a little more comfortable. But you never know. I was just a kid excited to make loud noises
  11. Thanks! I just wish I was as active a musician as I was up until a few years ago. But that's life. I'm almost done with college and headed to grad school or professional school soon. I do it to keep the stress at bay now.
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  12. mc900ftj


    Jan 21, 2014
    The wear is called "mojo". It is a good thing. Enjoy it and play the heck out of that instrument until more "mojo" appears, then repeat the process.
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  13. I've got no problem with dings and scratches. I'm a clumsy person by nature. I just wasn't sure if it was in a normal area. Thanks though. Its good to know that that's normal
  14. jaybones

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    Mar 4, 2015
    Kelleys Island, Ohio
    Nice story and a really nice bass!

    However, not every older gentleman has good intentions. If he had said "I've got it back at my house in the basement" or "Come on, its in the back of my windowless white full size van. Just climb back there and get it. Want some candy or something to drink?" then I'm sure you would have had the good sense to realize there was something fishy going on.

    Maybe the kids weren't his grandkids, maybe they were his next victims. Or they had been victims and were going along to put his new marks at ease.

    Its a strange wierd world out there, BE CAREFUL!
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  15. T-MOST


    Dec 10, 2004
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    My gear stays in "excellent" shape. Thats just how I like of it. Some people just don't worry about that sort of thing. There is no right or wrong to it and there is no "normal".
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  16. When I went to see the P bass I currently own, about a year ago or so, I noticed it had been re-painted ( it was all black but originally red as well ), but since the guy who sold it to me had no idea about it, and it had some manteinance issues to be taken care of I got a really sweet deal for it, and I couldn't be any happier about the purchase ! :D
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  17. Yeah I definitely agree. I got lucky. I had enough sense to stay put and was glad when mom showed up. Lesson learned though.

    That makes sense to me. I don't abuse my things, but I do use them often and so whatever happens is usually a product of use. I'd say that's normal to me. Thanks!

    Nice! It's a cool combo I think now that's it's wearing through. I just hope it gets used enough to be nice and worn down the road
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  18. mikecd1


    Mar 3, 2009
    New England
    May the stress on your bass finish help relieve the stress in your life! Sounds like Karmic Justice that one bass was taken and another given and hope you continue to enjoy. The underneath colors are indeed as others have said normal from prior color incarnations. If it starts coming off all too easy, I'd just strip and go natural with just a sealer. The wood will love it and it might even add a little tone or mojo. If you like, stay with it! The important thing is to keep playing and enjoy!!! And uh, yeah, stay in school!!!
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  19. Thank you, and thank you haha
    I take care of her, just play the heck out of her too. Which I think is good. As for the natural finish, I'll see. I'm making a natural P right now so I'll see.

    Actually give me your opinion on this build.
    Natural p bass body with some cool wood burning
    Red African padauk neck with bocote fretboard

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
  20. You want to find the man and say 'thank you.' Well, that may not be possible. BUT you can do what he did, and know and understand there are better ways to do it! Find old bases with potential at pawn shops, clean and repair them, fix them up, and donate them. Possibly to a school in a low-income area or to an orphanage. Lots of places to donate - you can do it. That dude showed you how good you can feel with a gift that empowers you to rise to levels you never dreamed of. Maybe now it's your turn. A song that speaks a little of this is "Juke Box Hero" about the little man listening to a rock guitarist and thinking "I want to do that" - and he does.

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