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Discussion in 'For Sale: Europe and International [DB]' started by labravajazz, Dec 5, 2021.

  1. labravajazz

    labravajazz Supporting Member

    Jan 26, 2006
    Sydney Australia
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    New old stock
    Silver wound on red gut E string
    Must have been the competitor for famous Red O Ray?
    Postage is from AUSTRALIA $15 worldwide with tracking.
    More old and NOS strings coming when I can get time to list them

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  2. Isn‘t it silver-plated copper wound?
    If it would be pure silver wound, the string might be as expensive as an Eudoxa…
  3. labravajazz

    labravajazz Supporting Member

    Jan 26, 2006
    Sydney Australia
    Hmm you may be correct, thanks for your input - I’m just going by how it looks, I don’t have any technical knowledge of this. Certainly doesn’t look copper wound… and tarnishes like silver! I have actually sold one of these and have 2 left one of which is quite tarnished so can reduce the price a little.
    the packet says:
    “Wound on red gut especially processed for durability but still retains its beautiful tonal quality”
    Maybe I should just say metal wound - I was just differentiating like Gamut do re copper or silver as some prefer one or the other of these.
    Quite a few other old strings NOS I haven’t listed yet. A couple of really nice gut E brand Paganini, they look English I think. And some Lenzner E. And La Bella plain gut A
  4. The silver plating is popular to avoid green fingers. But it is easily possible to get black ones instead…

    Solid silver is very expensive. The only strings I know that are wound with solid silver are the Eudoxa. All others I have seen are either copper (plated or not) or chromesteel (Oliv). Not talking about synthetic wounds …

    I just wanted to make clear that the probability for silver plated copper is high, so the buyer cannot complain that it is not solid silver but just silver plated copper.
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