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Nosepedals order problem (sharing my experience)

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by elennare, Feb 22, 2014.

  1. elennare


    Apr 7, 2012
    Hi there,

    I'm aware of another thread about this topic (http://www.talkbass.com/forum/f36/nosepedals-933154/) but i didn't want to resurrect it from the dead.

    Anyway, I just wanted to share with you my bad experience with this company, so you know what you deal with.

    I bought a Boss ODB-3 mod kit in January 19th, paying with paypal. I got the message from them but no confirmation whatsoever from NosePedals, so I just sent them a short email asking if that was the normal thing to happen. On top of that, no shipping was charged, even if they were to send it to Germany. No answer was received.

    Since no news were coming from them (no way to know if they got my order, if they shipped, etc), I sent an email one week afterwards (January 27th), and as sometimes I do, I slipped a friendly "i will have to claim to paypal if i don't get any answer" and no surprise, a few hours later I got an answer :) Good news! they got my order and it was about to ship to me. They also claimed they contacted me (no email received, not even in my spam folder). I know the estimate shipping time from the US is about one week for smallish packages, so I waited... with no luck.

    Two weeks after the last email, with no communication from Aaron nor anyone in the company and no package in my hands, I filed a dispute on paypal and Suprise! Got an email a few hours later with surprising news: that package that "they were getting it out now to me" was not in the way because they didn't charge me the shipping. Aaron offered to send me a bill charging me the shipping and then they would finally send me my order. That was for me too much. Not only they lied (or were confused, they said in the next email, because they got two orders of the same mod, one US, one european (mine)) but they didn't realize in the three weeks that passed between my order and my paypal dispute. I refused and Aaron apologized, accepted refunding my money and also send me the mod anyway. Not needed, of course, but that was a nice gesture.

    Unfortunately, 10 days afterwards (two days ago), I had to escalate my dispute to a claim in paypal due to the lack of refunding nor contact from Aaron. Yesterday i got my money back, but for me, some things are quite clear here:

    - They don't care at all about customer contact
    - They don't check properly their orders (three weeks to discover my shipping was not charged)
    - They don't care not even about refunding properly and timely when they have a paypal dispute/claim
    - They have a paypal/dispute/claim word filter in their email ;)

    So, at the end, you may say "well, you got your money back", and yes, it's true. But I wanted to share my experience with this company to help people save time. If you see a pattern like mine, be quicker and ask for refund earlier. That way you will recover your money faster and spend it somewhere else :)

    PS: Sorry about grammar/spelling errors. English is not my first language :)

    PPS: do you know somewhere else where to buy a odb-3 mod pack? :D I'm not comfortable with the fuzziness it has...
  2. Hawkbone


    Mar 23, 2009
    Guten tag!

    Your English is better than that of many who speak it as a first language :).

    odb-3 is a terrible sounding bass distortion but a great sounding guitar distortion. If you can't find a good mod for it, maybe just sell it and buy something else. Read this thread. John is one of the pedal experts here. I bought one of his Zeke pedals after my odb-3 letdown, but he's always building something new and his reviews may help point you to a commercial pedal that will suit your needs. I see that he also didn't like the odb-3 until he modded it.
  3. elennare


    Apr 7, 2012
    Hey, thanks! I will check that :)

    The reason i wanted to mod the odb3 is that i got it for almost nothing, so i don't see the point on selling it for the same almost-nothing (around here in Berlin, you find them for 50eur or so second hard).

    Well, that and that i just learned how to solder cables and stuff :)
  4. Darknut


    Apr 4, 2009
    My experience with Nosepedals was similar ... no communication until I filed a claim .... I finally did get my pedal & it is great. I came away with the impression that Aaron is a just a airhead not a bad guy.

    Don't buy direct from Nosepedal .... get stuff from a dealer that has it in stock.

    I have a ODB-3 with the Monte Allums tri-gain mod ... totally different pedal now.

    The Wampler Mod is pretty good too
  5. Musicman1901

    Musicman1901 Supporting Member

    Jun 1, 2012
    Rochester, NY
    I had a good and bad experience with is company. I ordered a true bypass 3 way looper for my board form then and I received no shipping info, no contact, no response to my messages. When the pedal arrived the 3rd loop did not work at all. So it was broken right out of the box. HOWEVER, when I emailed about it they told me to send it back and they would send me a new one which arrived just a few days later. So they kinda p*ssed me off in the beginning but they did end up making it right. There's my 2 cents about nose :)

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